Sunday, September 17, 2006


The Pope Must Apologize and Bush Is A Jerk And A Criminal Like Hitler Who Vilified The Jews

Just as Bush keeps the middle east countries and peoples boiling so now the pope may be doing the same, or is he just rude and insensitive. If he makes a clear and public apology than he is just insensitive and if he does not than he is helping Bush keep the middle east pot of troubles and problems ever boiling.

Should the pope apologize, absolutely YES he should and in a clear and public way. Even if for no other reason than good manners. But there are other even more important reasons as well.

What could Benedict XVI have been thinking to have made such a stupid and clearly disrespectful statement?????

I know Bush is a jerk and totally stupid and deliberately disrespectful by constantly refering to Islamofascism. Of course he is doing that deliberatel in order to keep the middle east pot boiling which keeps he and the rethugs in power by keeping the 59 million who voted for him a second time constantly fearful.

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