Saturday, September 16, 2006


A New World Order /The Nafta Superhighway/The Pope

As some of you may know the Council On Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderburgers and the Pope (Benedict XVI and John Paul II) the Bush admin. inner circle and the nazi-fascist neocons have begun the act of transforming the world into their idea and plan called a "New World Order".

Some additional co-sponsors of this plan are Pres. Clinton(Bilderburger,Yalie, Nafta), and I'm sure Hillary, probably Sen. Kerry( A Yalie and member of Skull and Bones like the Bushs') certainly Pres. George H.W. Bush(Yalie and member of Skull and Bones), Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands(Royal Dutch Shell, Bilderberg Group(very secret, 'A New World Order')), Vincente Fox(Mexico, author of 'a comprehensive immigration policy and immigration amnesty and a guest worker program), Felipe Calderon(Mexico, thats why Dick Morris Repub strategist quietly helped to smear Mr. Lopez Obrador (Rove nazi tactics) so he would lose the election), Stephen Harper(PM of Canada), PM Martin of Canada(Bush,Martin and Fox quietly signed the Nafta Superhighway agreement which is unknown to probably 99% of Americans, google up NASCO and Nafta Superhighway program), Pope John Paul II who aligned the Vatican(also USCCB) and the Catholic Church(my church I am ashamed to say), Pope Benedict XVI who maintains that alignment and asks clergy and Opus Dei members(Fr. John McCloskey) and Cardinal McCarrick to defy US laws regarding immigrants.

The NAFTA Superhighway seems to be an attempt to form some kind of north american business alliance between the US, Mexico and Canada to allow business traffic to flow freely from Mexico into the US, through the US and into Canada via mexican trucking companies using mexican truck drivers. This allows for the rapid flow of goods from China throughout the three countries.

It seems to bypass American customs, American ports and port security, American trucking companies and American truck drivers and American longshoreman. These goods would seem to come in via Mexican ports and Mexican port security. It all seems like a giant sellout of America to American businesses by the Bush admin. I don't see how this is a good thing for America but then neither was NAFTA. All of this seems to me to also bypass the American worker/wage earner/ american family/ american voter/ american congress. But then the American congress is totally controlled by the Repub party which let's Bush do anything he wants to do no matter how bad it is for America or the American people.

I have repeatedly said that a republican is for the republican party first and america last, if at all. Can the Repub party be called a conspiracy, they sure are a closed and well disciplined group that repeats the Rovian party line and talking points and does it incessantly. That is a Hitler strategy but then Rove uses a tremendous amount of Hitlerian strategies.

Remember Hitler and many of his top advisors were Catholics so is there a Catholic conspiracy? Also Pope Benedict XVI was a member of the Hitler youth movement, a scary thought. Another scary thought is that the Catholic church is completely aligned with the Repub party. It supports the merging of church and state which is not allowed by our constitution. I think the Catholic church MUST unalign itself from the Repub party and will not be able to undo the damage to America resulting from the terrible alignment. Were it not for the support of the Catholic church and catholic voters Bush would never have been elected. So the church has distorted American politics not only doing damage to America but through it's support of the Bush/Repub admin and it's oil and hegemony wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is directly complicit in the deaths of American troops and many tens of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani citizens, people, human beings and children of God.

The Pope seems to forget that ALL, ALL, ALL humans are God's children made in his image and likeness and ALL are equal in His sight and that includes muslims and jews. Yes it's true the pope has spoken out against the war but much to little and much to late. Just the same as the pope during WWII spoke out against the holocaust almost not at all. To me this is beyond shameful both by that pope and by Pope John II and now by Pope Benedict XVI. Maybe there is a confluence between the predictions of St. Malachy and the third secret of Fatima, but with regards to pope number 110, 111 or the questionable 112. Possibly the merging of church and state is wrong not only by our American constitution but a prediction of wrongness as reflected by the 'Prophecy of the Popes' and by 'The Third Secret of Fatima'. I recall that Jesus said something about Rendering to cesar... and rendering to God... and that sounds like an admonishment requiring separation of church and state. I believe any confluence between church and state is corrosive to both.

Oh well, the bottom line to me is 'love thy God and love thy neighbor' and 'thou shalt not kill' and 'we are ALL God's children and He loves us all and the task He has set before us is to love as He loves us. I may be simplistic but that means love ALL, including muslims, hindus, budhists, jews, Iraqis, Iranians, gays and lesbians, women and girls seeking abortions, people seeking their free will which is the right of people to choose because when the time comes we all answer to God and I kindda don't think He will allow us to say the pope made me do it or George Bush made me do it or the Republican party made me do it.

Diplomacy always, war never

If one does not wage war then one is forced to engage in and employ diplomacy. Diplomacy sounds like a more christian(Christ like) activity than Bush and his wars. Next will be Iran and Syria and many more tens of thousands of deaths. We can only hope that Russia and China can stop him, no one else seems able to do that. Bush and his criminals in Washington have divided and conquered the arab world just like they divided and conquered America. Just wait until all those involved realize that he (Bush&Co) really only work for the US Chamber of Commerce and certain select US Big Businesses. He doesn't work for any medium or small businesses as they think nor does he work for any religions as the white southern confederate Baptists and all the Catholics think. Bush works only for money and political power and as out of control as he is he will divide, conquer and destroy America.

And I know another thing for sure, George Bush is NOT, NOT, NOT the Christ no matter what he CLAIMS. Making that claim on four occasions reveals Bush for what he is. But each must judge for himself whether to follow him or not. He is not my pres and I choose to NOT follow him.

Some people may think he is the Christ like Chuck Norris, Mel Gibson, Tim Russert, Rupert Murdoch(telecarrier of porn) and all of News Corp and all of Fox News and all those other right wing talking heads and news mongers like Bob Novak, Judith Miller etc. ad nauseam. You know who they are.

Regarding, again, the NAFTA Superhighway apparently this would be a limited access highway and would require some kind of special permission to use it. Methinks that is why Bush and his inner circle want 'a comprehensive immigration reform package', an illegal amnesty program and a guest wotker program. All of this is part and parcel of the same strategy.

Some opponents to the immigration component of this plan are James Sensenbrenner and many house republicans. There is no sense in my mentioning the Dems because they have almost no political power at all.

Well if your appetite to know more is whetted just GOOGLE Nafta Superhighway and you will learn about the end of America and our borders and control of travel. You won't believe it but please do believe it. This will all be done under the guise of, you guessed it I hope, 'National Security'. You will find many websites that can explain all of this much better than I.

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