Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Bush and Repub Stupidity

Bush is asking Americans to give up their differences and unite to win the war in Iraq and the war against terrorism.

First of all Bush, Rove and the Republican party divided and fractured America and our political system of participation by and for all. Now the Repub party controls and dominates us all and has rendered us all completley helpless. Bush wants us to give up our differences but it was he and Rove that created and caused all our differences. He and Rove are the very ones who have stopped us from participating in our government and they still do to this very day. So exactly what is that clown talking about.

Second, it was Bush and the Republican party who caused and promoted the war in Iraq with their lying and deceit. More of which is revealed almost every week. They manipulated America and the world into this war.

When Bush says he went to war because of 9/11 my answer is that he should have quietly and shortly after 9/11 occurred should have captured Osama bin Laden first. Then he should have gone after Saudi Arabia and the Saudi family who supported ObL. But the Bush family gets a lot from the Saudi family so there is the answer.

ObL was surrounded and trapped by the CIA and/or American Special Forces who then asked Rumsfeld for troops to capture him. Rumsfeld refused... America it's just that simple.

I know the bullshit excuses Rummy gives and they are just Republican bullshit. I say Republican because Rummies bullshit excuses are accepted and supported by the entire Republican party, not one of them refuse to accept that opinion. That is what I call blind, knee jerk, lock step Republicanism first and America last or America not at all. These slimeballs are not Americans they just live here. They care not one whit for America or you or me. We have been completely excluded from participation in our country and our government.

Once we were ALL Americans. Now only the few are considered Americans and the rest of us are just some kind of garbage on the heap of what is left of our democratic way of life.

I have never hated anyone in my life not even the screwball who tried to run me off the road in a case of road rage nearly 36 yrs ago in Cleveland after a wonderful evening of concert listening to Andres Segovia at Severance Hall. Or the other screwball in Kansas who tried to run me off the road. But I hate the Bushies and the Republicans, God forgive me.

These criminals will destroy America and who knows how much of the rest of the world if they are not stopped. So I blog and write 'letters to the editor' to do what I can to stop them and their kind of thinking from spreading like the cancer upon american that it is. I write 6-12 letters at least five days a week.

Now the NSA can put me on their watch list if I'm not already there.

I know this may sound strange to say but I think that the CIA may have done all that it could to stop Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bolton. I say that based on what Michael Isakoff and David Corn of Newsweek wrote in their book Hubris. They were on with Amy Goodman this morning. As a result of what they said it seems to me that the CIA sent Amb. Joe Wilson to Niger to get intel on the WMD situation. Wilson found no 'yellow cake' and reported same. The Bushies went crazy because it did not conform to what they wanted. So they, with the help of Richard Armitage and many others outed Valerie Plame Wilson to punish Joe Wilson. She was the ;covert' agent in charge of investigating WMD, it was her job to do so.

Personally I would throw the all the members of the Bushie conspiracy in jail. Including, Armitage, Novak, Russert, Miller, Woodward, Bush, Cheney, Rove, Bolton, Ashcroft, Cooper, Hughes, Miers, Gonzales, Libby, Luskin, Matalin and all the others who outed her or helped report and spread the related information/knowledge. Bush likes to punish and jail those who release secret government information including reporters so they should all go to jail.

What a bunch of jerks they all are. I'm most angry about the number of crooked catholics involved, but then the catholic church is knee deep in all of this political wretchedness. The number of catholics involved in all of this Bush Repub slime is almost unbelievably large.

The Catholic church should get out and stay out of all american politics but what do they do they support the worst in american politics and journalism. The church must have stock in Fox/News Corp. Why does the church support porn and hide/cover up pedophile priests. That is all unforgivable. I am disgusted and terribly let down by my church. Maybe the church was always that way and I just did not know it.

Hitler, Nixon and Bush, what a threesome they make, all of a kind.

Remember, dance with the devil and he will own your soul.

Lie down with dogs... or Lie down with pigs...

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