Thursday, September 14, 2006


Another Corrupt Election, It Seems That Way

Now you can see what I mean by evidence of Republican corruption (destruction of our democracy) happening almost everyday. Alter Net is carrying a report by Don Hazen demonstrating that the Maryland election system has joined the corrupt elections of Florida and Ohio, my state.

Donna Edwards should have won the election against Albert Wynn(so called Dem, but really a DINO) by 60% instead as of 6pm on 9/13/06 she was losing.

Apparently what happened was that the same corrupt Repub voting strategies that were used in Ohio and Florida were employed to prevent Edwards from winning. These strategies included the use of Diebold voting machines, a Repub governor (same as in Florida and Ohio) and a number of other strategies. But there is still some hope for Edwards because all the votes have not YET been counted. So much for HAVA, the Repub law written by a Repub(Hoekstra of Mich. I believe.

And the corruption of our American democracy by the Rethug party continues.

Will the American people let it happen, it seems there is little 'we the people' can do to stop it.

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