Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The Catholic Church, complicit with the Repub Party and Violence

Weeelll, the corrupt GOP has a new strategy. The College Republicans are using a new hate and intolerance tactic. They have a 'catch the illegal immigrant' campaign and a 'shoot the democrat' campaign/fun activity whereby they use BB guns or paintball guns to shoot at large cardboard targets of prominent democrats like Sen. Hillary Clinton and others.

This is the very same thing as Cornyn and other texas Rethugs talking about understanding why people would want to shoot judges which they obviously endorse with this kind of statement.

Also the same as Ann Coulter suggesting that someone should poison Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy because of his decisions and so that Bush could get another radical right wing Catholic justice on the SCOTUS and finally and completely swing the court to the radical right.

And there you have it, all of this criminal behavior isa being encouraged by the Repub party and their accomplice the Catholic church. And that is why America is in so much difficulty around the world and in danger of the destruction of our American society. All due to the viciousness of the GOP and their handmaiden the Catholic church, my church. That is why I am so disgusted and fed up with my church which is no longer a church but rather is a radical right wing extremist terror group.

Pope John Paul II and the current one Pope Benedict XVI are entirely responsible for this mindset because they endorse and support the Repub party and have done so since Reagan was pres. The Catholic church has taken it's nazi past history and once again revealed itself for what it is, a haven supporting criminal behavior by the Repug party who hate american democracy and WILL impose it's will upon ALL Americans and upon the entire world.

The Catholic church and the white southern Baptists are jihadist fundamentalists both in no way follow the path taught to us ALL by Jesus Christ. These two religions have their own agenda and the violation of the constitution against the merging of church and state is a mainstay of that agenda. Both of these corrupt religions seek political power and dominance over 'we the people'.

The headquarters of the Catholic church in America should move from the diocese of the north and take up residence in the deep south confederate states like Alabama just as EWTN the cable channel catholic network has done.

The Catholic church during the crusades, remember Pope Urban, invaded the middle east and killed muslims and jews. The Catholic church during the nazi Hitler regime protested the killing of jews almost not at all. The Catholic church under the Bush/Repug nazi-fascist neocon control over America(Cheney, Bolton etc) now seeks to destroy America, our laws and our citizens.

George Bush has on four ocassions claimed to be 'chosen by God' which 'on a mission for God' and 'I speak to a higher Father' claiming to be the Christ. The bible clearly demonstrates that he is not the Christ. If he is not the Christ then he may be the antichrist. If he is the antichrist then the Catholic church may be his 'handmaiden' because it does his bidding or he does it's bidding, i'm not sure which is which.

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