Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The End of Iraq, Quite possibly

That is an important question to ponder. Is there an Iraq or just shia domination and killing of the country that was once called Iraq.

Have Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Gonzales, Powell, Bolton, Rove, Morris, Ashcroft and the American theocrats (the Vatican and the white southern Baptists) ended the very existence of Iraq.

Please don't blame the troops, this possible ending of the country once known as Iraq and it becoming a satellite of the US was done entirely at the very top echelons of the Bush admin, the Repub party, the American theocrats and the nazi-fascist neocons (like Cheney) for the sake of political ambition, world domination (A New World Order) and oil which is at the center of it all.

Just think only 59 million American voters put the Bush crime family in power and made all this happen. And these people call themselves christians, they are an abomination upon the other 241 million americans and the entire world.

Let's all repeat at least 100 times, 'diplomacy only, war and killing never'.

St. Malachy, archbishop of Ireland and known to be an accurate and prophetic 'seer' predicted the end of the papacy of the catholic church and I can see that event as a very real possibility.

I may be a catholic but I am most assuredly not a fundamentalist. I most firmly believe in 'love thy God and love thy neighbor'. And that includes Muslims. I do abhor killing and jihadism whether it is done by Muslims OR Christians. Religious fundies think they KNOW the mind of God. That is sacrilige, heresy, blasphemy and idolatry(of self because only God knows His mind) even when it is done by so called religious leaders like the pope or the Vatican hierarchy in Rome.

Our founding fathers insisted upon and really understood the dangers of mixing church and state. It was wise thinking then and is wise thinking now and a great admonition, now more than ever. But the Bushies are violating that admonition, clearly and most egregiously.

May God please forgive us for what the Bushies have done and continue to do every day.

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