Friday, September 29, 2006


Let Name Names & Point Fingers, The Bastards Did It

Bush and the Reputhug are number one on my list of the worst politicians because they passed the Torture Legislation. Also all the Bush allies are totally complicit in this dastardly deed. This would include the religious christian fascist fundamentalists especially the Pope and the Catholic church and ALL the Catholic voters for Bush. Also included are the white southern Baptists, co-conspirators with the Catholics who made this legislation possible, encouraged it and never spoke out agaainst it in any way.

Now it is too late, the time is past, the sin has been committed you have all revealed your total absence of christianity and your alignment with Hitler and the nazi-fascist neocons in america. WWJD. You have clearly turned your back on the teachings of Jesus and the laws of God, our Creator. You have put an indelible stain on your soul, in my estimation.

I am a Catholic but not their kind of Catholic and I deeply and most humbly apologize to ALL human beings on this planet who have been tortured by the Bushies and the religious christian fascist fundamentalists in America who have revealed their hate for the children of God.

You so called christians are no more christians than George Bush, the Torturer, is NOT the true Christ as he so claims. Instead he is the antichrist and you rotten people have followed him. You are all an abomination upon this earth and the destroyers of America.You people are truly the filth and scum of this nation, your hate for the ALL the children of God and your hate for America has now most clearly revealed itself. How much more damage can you so called christians do. How much more damage can the pope and the Catholic Church do to America.

I will never forgive you for what you have done to my beloved America. Your power has totally and completely corrupted you. Damn the corporations, oil, parma, insurance, banking and so many others. Damn the wealthy, and all the politicians who did not stand up against this torture legislation. Damn Rupert Murdoch and his greedy empire. Damn the entire MSM who have not stood up for america and against this legislation, this pact with the devil himself.

RIP, dear constitution, it was wonderful while we had you. May you rest in peace. We will not soon forget you but eventually when those living now die you will be but words in the history books and eventually you will be completely forgotten. As some one wrote Democracy is truly a delicate thing and now it is dead.

The Bush crime family and the entire Bush family has buried our beloved constitution.

How one single family can destroy America is almost unbelievable but they have done it. There is not a decent human being in that entire family because none spoke out against the torture legislation.

Other contributors were/are Hitler, Nixon, Reagan and the nazi-fascist neocons who used Hitlers tactics and policies to destroy America, our constitution, our democracy, our democratic values and institutions. Some addittional contributors to the death of our American democracy are Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Alberto Gonzales, John Ashcroft, Karl Rove, John Bolton, Jeb Bush,
and others.

The Bush government has ended our beloved America.

The Bush family, once bankers for the nazi party has once again brought the nazi party into full flourish but this time right here in America. The principles of Hitler and Nazism are rampant in America. The Bush family has brought us full circle. I guess once a nazi always a nazi. Unfortunately, we don't have Franklin Roosevelt to order the Bushs to stop supporting the nazi party as he did during WWII.

Evil rules, and runs the earth once again.

My Dad is a few weeks short of becoming 91yrs old, for what purpose did he serve in WWII doing what is considered to be the most hazardous duty, that of spending the war aboard Liberty Ships whose life span was considered to be 21 days and after that they were all on borrowed time. Well so much for serving your country. Why did my brother and cousin serve in Vietnam. So much for serving your country. The very things they fought to save have just been swept away by George Bush who serves only his sociopathic desires. Why did my friends serve in Vietnam, for what did they put their lives on the line. For what are our troops now fighting and dyiong when Bush can just sweep it all away. Why are the Iraqi and Afghani people dying by the many tens of thousands, certainly not for democracy because we in America no longer have a democracy to offer them. They must be dying for oil.

May God protect and preserve them, our troops and the Iraqi and Afghani people.

May God have mercy on the rest of us for what we have allowed to happen by not fighting back against the antichrist and his apostles in our government.

George Bush and your entire government and your entire worthless family can go to hell along with the Cheneys', Rumsfelds', Gonzales', Ashcrofts',

Including the Dems who did not oppose this rotten Torture legislation. Why do you Dem politicians let the stupid Rethugs define and frame you. Spit in their eye tell them to go to hell and follow the high road, the moral, democratic and constitutional road. You have just lost the 2006 elections and you let the Rethugs do it, once again, to you and all of us who do not support BUSH & Co.

I have been hearing all day that the new torture legislation applies to only non-americans. That may/may not be true, but it will soon apply to american citizens as well. Does anyone really think the Rethugs will not use this law and the wiretapping law to keep themselves in power by threatening anyone and everyone who opposes them in any way, even just politically.

If Americans think they have seen and are seeing dirty tricks, as the song goes, YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET.

Hitler has finally invaded America and won. The confederacy has risen again just as the confederates said they would, the old south is back and in complete control of America. The rotteness of the old south is once again rampant.

The other thing I am reading is that the american people didn't see this coming, or are somehow just asleep and therefore innocent. That is just plain bullshit or Bushit. The ring wingers are not at all innocent in this travesty, the republican base fully endorse and support this, and that includes John McCain, Warner, Lindsay Graham and Arlen Spector. These people just 'fake' their opposition and then fold up at the last minute and give Bushie boy exactly what he wants. Your all a bunch of filth and should spend the rest of your lives in prison.

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