Sunday, September 17, 2006


US Absorbs Canada and Mexico via NAFTA, Powell maybe now

Colin Powell finally stood up to Bush and his cabal of criminals. Also he may have finally seen the light and staked out his position on at least this issue of the US behaving in an immoral way, the Bush way, which is clearly to millions of people in America and worldwide an immoral position as defined by the Geneva conventions regarding treatment of prisoners. Remember folks how America behaves is ENTIRELY about America and not at all about some terrorists who have little to no power in the UN or the world.

There may yet be hope for Mr. Powell. I still think that if he would denounce imperial republican control over the US and put America's needs ABOVE those of the Repub party he might be worth considering for high government office such as vice pres or even pres. Mr. Powell has to decide just exactly where his patriotism lies, with America or the Republican party.

Almost all Republicans patriotism lies with the Republican party first, last, and foremost and not at all with America or the American people. Their patriotism lies with and belongs to the Big Business interests who provide them with the money to get and retain complete and dominant political power. I wonder what the religious fundamentalists, Catholics and white southern Baptists, will do when they discover that. The 'Totalitarian Republican Christian Theocracy that exists for now in America will soon give way to 'Totalitarian Republican Business Theocracy' in America, to quote myself on both items.

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld,Rice, Gonzales and Ashcroft are wrong and they know they are flaunting the Geneva conventions. Bush got caught and he is having a temper trantum. Maybe he will implode and go into meltdown. Bush is also threatening to close down the CIA torture program if he does not get his way, oh poor baby. Now he knows how the rest of us feel about the damage he is doing in our name. We feel this strongly and we resent his clearly Hitlerian -Rovian tactics.

Many millions in the US and many,many more millions around the world are violated and outraged by his corrupt strategies. He is not doing these things on our behalf he is doing them for political gain among his base, the republican party and repub voters which is/amounts to 59 million people, but what about how the rest of 'we the people', the 241 million of us who abhor his tactics and strategies which he is perpetrating in our name.

Also Georgie boy is threatening (aka fear mongering) to get the 241 million of us who abhor his relentless use of illegal tactics to conform and fall into line. If Bush succeeds in his fear mongering and use of the 'national security' gambit to get away with his endless illegal activities America will become a country of ever dwindling and diminishing freedoms.

For example, just wait until people discover the SENTRI system (tracking of everywhere they drive) and the resultant diminishment of freedom to drive wherever we choose whenever we choose and they will finally begin to comprehend that which many/most of us bloggers/protesters/dissenters already know and have seen coming for years.

Wasn't it Bushie boy who said something about people having to many freedoms/liberties. America is well on it's way to becoming a controlled state like China. This is further evidenced by our one party system whereby the Dems have almost no political power along with the 241 million of us americans who are caught in the republican party/republican government(all three branchs) stranglehold whereby we have absolutely NO POWER or say in our government and the things it does. I say, "No Taxation Without Representation". For 241 million of us we are already in a China-like police state. No one ever hears our voice becuase the MSM is under Bush/Republican control.

Rep. James Sensenbrenner and the House of Representatives in their opposition to the senate and Bushie boy immigration amnesty strategy know that America is about to lose our borders as we merge with Mexico and Canada via the NAFTA Superhighway.

What Mexico and Canada do not yet see is that they will be absorbed by the US when Bush achieves his goals. I don't know about the Mexican people but I would bet that the Canadian people will scream loud and clear, but it will be to late. Quebec will secede from Canada for certain when that eventuality becomes clear to them.If they want to stop this and remain a sovereign country they had better quickly dump PM Stephen Harper.

Since the Mexican citizens are so completely controlled by their government they have no say at all in the matter of Mexico, a Catholic country, being absorbed by the US. Their only hope is Mr. Lopez Obrador and he has lost their election thanks to Dick Morris and the Rovian Republican party strategy of smear tactics.

The only hope Mexico has of remaining a sovereign entity separate from the US is the pope who totally supports Bush and the Rethugs so he will be useless to the Mexican people. The only other hope for Mexico is if the American people rise up against Bush and the Repub party and throw them completely out of office and into jail for their crime of reshaping America(by deconstructing the constitution) and the world, remember 'A New World Order', without consent of the American people and under complete secrecy.

I don't see that the 241 million of us who are against Bush and the Rethugs have much chance of stopping them. So it seems that Mexico and Canada are doomed to become a colony under Bushie boy imperialism. The thought of all of that just sickens me as does the thought of 241 million Americans having every aspect of their lives under constant scrutiny by the federal government of republicanism under the doctrine of Bushism.

WHEN will all of this occur. It is beginning right now under the guise of the NAFTA SUPERHIGHWAY.

Finally another danger of this highway is that America's port security problem will be under control of the Mexican government and it's decidedly corrupt and terribly inefficient military and police. That is a scary thought almost beyond comprehension. The Mexican government
will never be able to provide America with complete port security and would seem to guarantee that we will suffer from a terrorist incident and maybe that is exactly what Bush wants to happen. Maybe that is why the Bush government and DHS are clearly dragging their feet on US port security.

If the port of Hong Kong has achieved complete port security in a very short time why hasn't America achieved the same???????? It makes me wonder what Bush, the constantly lying pres, is up to.

Bush really likes pitting terrorists against Americans and keeping the terrorist pot boiling to accomplish this. Bush keeps the spectre of terrorism high in order to force America to keep he and the rethug party in power and intimidate the voters to conform to his idea of "A NEW World Order", dominated by the US.

I don't think any other countries in the world are going to agree to this. But Bush keeps the terrorism threat high by constantly threatening the middle east countries and just as that strategy keeps Americans fearful and intimidated it may have the same effect on other countries and their peoples. Bush and the nazi-fascist neocons like Cheney,Bolton and Rumsfeld have done this to Israel provoking them into a war with Lebanon.

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