Saturday, September 23, 2006


Thanks to all you religious zealots for our torture and wiretapping laws

Al Wynn bragged about stealing the Maryland election 'texas style' and laughed about it with Rep. Joe Barton (R-Tx) on the House floor, in public. We can thank our Judeo-Christian religions for that one and for the torture and spying legislation.

Thank you Pope Benedict XVI and thank you Pope John Paul II for your staunch and never ending endorsement of the Republican Party, the party of the torturers. Both of you lent the power of your office and the power of catholic voters to this end.

Also a special thanks to John Yoo and Sgt. Alberto Gonzales for our new torture laws and wiretapping laws along with the neocons and the Repub congress.

Remember when some talked about the US having Gulags and were practically assaulted by the radical right wing talking heads in most of the MSM, Welll now it's true as Bush has finally admitted that they exist and apparently hold some 14,000 captives. The unitary executive and the wiretapping legislation will add many more people to these American Gulags who will then benefit from the torture legislation (Specter,McCain,Warner and Graham repubs one and all) that will eventually but soon be used against completely innocent American citizens who dare to exercise their first amendment rights of free speech.

Thanks to all of the above and I hope you are satisfied with yourselves, and maybe someday even you or your children or relatives will be tortured by these laws. But will you stupidons understand even then.

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