Wednesday, September 27, 2006


SCOTUS, POTUS, MSM, Christian Fascism And Corporatocracy

Keith Olbermann,

Thank you so much for giving voice to 'we the people' , the little people who have no voice in America any more since Bush, the christian fascists, and the nazi-fascist neocons have taken complete control of America and all three branchs of government. You did a wonderful thing and may God bless you for what you said at the end of your Monday, 9/25/06 broadcast.

Maybe the rest of the MSM will wake up to the damage they have allowed to happen to America by their complicit and complacent behavior in allowing the Bush/Repubs to let 'POWER CONTROL TRUTH'. Quite possibly when the rest of the MSM can no longer function under America's nazi-fascist regime they too will understand, albeit way to late, what they have done in the case of Rupert Murdoch and Fox and what the rest of MSM have allowed to happen.

Thanks again Keith, a thousand times THANKS, I just cannot say it often enough. You, Jack Cafferty, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and Lou Dobbs are so far the only ones who have enough courage to stand up for the American people, the 241 million of us who did not vote for and do not support the Bush crime family.

Everyone who demands and loves democracy must listen to Keith's comments. It will probably be on YouTube and maybe even on MSNBC's website.

Also many thanks to Jack Cafferty of CNN, who has been moving for awhile to cover the point of view of those of us who oppose what the right wing republicans are doing to change America into a police state and have since Bush came into office ended our two party 'system of checks and balances'. The Repthug party has revealed itself to be not at all for America or the american people.

Our beloved America will soon be a police state, like China, when the new wiretapping and torture legislation is passed by the repthugs who have all the political power.


Charlie Rose, also part of the MSM, had retired SCOTUS Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and current Justice Stephen Breyer on his show last night,Tuesday 9/26/06. Both Justices have been decent and reasonable jurists. They were very mildly/somewhat critical of what is happening to state and federal jurists as they are ever more threatened by the radical right who are bent on destroying our American court system via a variety of threat modalities.

I agree with both of these jurists that our courts are being threatened but I think it is more violent and aggressive than they have let on. All one has to do is review the comments of the texas rethugs(Cornyn et al), Pat Robertson and Ann Coulter all of whom have revealed themselves to be terrorists, self incriminated by their public remarks. I am convinced that the christian fascists on the SCOTUS namely, Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and Alito will succeed at this task by comments which evoke and support those who threaten our entire legal system.

These four are under control of the Catholic church, my church, which is completely aligned with the repub party and has been since Pope John Paul II made this happen and which continues to this very day and shows no signs of ever changing until America is no longer a democratic country which to a great extent has already happened and will be complete when the Bush/Repub wiretapping and torture legislation is passed supposedly this week according to Republican legislators.

The imminent demise of our country, as one where the rule of law is respected and adhered to by all, is at this very moment taking place. Once the wiretapping and torture legislation has passed, which will take place this very week, America as a country of laws and independant jurists will end. George Bush will have total control over the life of all Americans via his ability to designate any citizen he so chooses to be a terrorist. He can then make any american citizen disappear into his gulag of secret prisons where they will be tortured and denied of all rights including 'Habeas Corpus'. No american lawyer will be able to help or even contact any one that Bush deems a terrorist without 'Habeas Corpus'.

The right wing christian fascists (Catholics and Baptists) who have control over America via the republikan (KKK) party can cause anyone, they so choose, to be put into the Bush/Repub Gulag simply by reporting them to the FBI, CIA or NSA or any intel agency. They will have to offer no proof other than their own claims that someone they don't like is a terrorist or guilty of some crime against the country or government.

Well, Ratzinger/Benedict you and PJP II have succeeded, thanks to you American democracy is ended. So I offer myself up as the first person to be tortured in the Bush/Repub Gulag run by the CIA. The only thing I ask is that I be sent to prison, not in Syria, but in Poland where because it is a Catholic country just possibly I might have access to a priest.

The Catholic church and their close allies in the white Baptist church must be quite pleased with themselves for their flaunting of the teachings of Jesus and the laws of God. When the law is passed whichever of you unchristian and morally corrupt organizations can make the call so the Bushies can come for me. I may be a Catholic but I will never agree with what you have done to my beloved America just to satisfy your own private agenda, whatever that is, most likely money and political power. Both popes are an abomination and have committed unforgivable crimes against America and as far as I'm concerned they are no better than terrorists.

I don't blame the employees of the FBI, CIA or NSA because it is Bush, the incompetent, who tells you what to do and you have no say in the matter. Your oath of office is to support and defend the constitution and America against all enemies foreign and domestic. And since Bush and Cheney are your bosses and it is they who determine 'all enemies' you have to do whatever they tell you. You folks are unable to defend the constitution because the constitution is whatever Bush says it is, which means america no longer has a functioning and working constitution, now it's just a piece of paper which has enormous historical significance but no real effect on the lives of 'we the people'.

As far as both Justices on the Charlie Rose show are concerned, all I can say to you is that YOU put Bush in power and you can now see what you have wrought upon America. I will never forgive you and you will just have to live with what you did to AMERICA and to the WORLD. You have unleashed this antichrist/sociopathic criminal upon us all. No matter what you say you will never be able to undo the damage you have done, unfortunately the rest of us, 241 million americans, must now live with your mistakes.

May God have mercy on your souls for what you have done.

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