Friday, September 15, 2006



A new section in my blog will be called , I WANT TO KNOW

I want a list, by state of just how much each state receives in government dollars aka taxpayer dollars under the Bush/Repub admin.

For example, does theState of Virginia get the most government dollars, I think that entire state's economy must be supported by, monies of any and all kinds, US government dollars, ie. taxpayer dollars.

I just learned, as reported by Renae Merle of The Washington Post, that the military has contracts with two private 'headhunter' companies in Virginia to hire/procure teenagers (or maybe people of any age, I don't yet know) to get recruits from across the nation for service in the military. This is being done because the military recruiters are having such a lack of success in getting enough recruits even under their, now, greatly reduced level of requirements for recruits.

For many more items about questionable/very questionable military recruiting please read an excellent article by Nick Turse of and you will be amazed/shocked/stunned. Many thanks to Nick for putting together a report showing a number of egregious recruiting acts.

So there are some different issues involved in my question.
1. A list of each state and exactly how much government money/taxpayer dollars of any and all kinds, it gets from the federal government. My guess is that the southern confederate states get the most and that is why they are so totally and endlessly supportive of Bush's middle east oil wars and hegemony wars. Until, of course, Bushie starts wars against south American countries like Venezuala and Bolivia
2. Do the oil states and drug company states get exaggerated/excessive amounts of government/ taxpayer dollars.
3. Do southern states get more government/taxpayer dollars and is that why they are so willing to give up/ give over their children for war(and death) purposes. In other words are southern children being sacrificed by their parents to obtain government dollars. Southerners claim it's a loyalty to the nation/government service issue. Southerners claim that it is because they are more patriotic than the rest of us, but I wonder if that is true. Could be some interesting sociological research is needed here or has it already been done, I don't know.

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