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Talk about wierd...
Posted by: bobtr900 on Dec 16, 2007 10:17 AM
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...Glen Beck is a Mormon, previously a Catholic. He went from weird Catholicism to even weirder Mormonism. Beck is one of the most vicious people in America and on this planet. His anger seems to know no boundaries. He hates everything and everyone who is different from him. IOW, he hates everyone and everthing that is not him, IOW he only loves himself.

So exactly how different is he as a Mormon than he was as a catholic; not very much. Beck is just another hater and very little different fromTim Russert, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Scalia, Alito, Rupert Murdoch, Thomas, Roberts, Michelle Malikin, Ann Coulter, Dinesh D'Souza, Laura Ingraham, Peggy Noonan, Maureen Dowd and thousands of other haters who spew out their own inner violence.

Romney is no different. He is aligned with a strange religion but so too are all of the above. They are all brethren to others like LaHaye, Hagee, Dobson, Kennedy, and thousands of others, all of whom rule the roost at this time and under the aegis of George W. Bush and the Bush crime family, and the Pope of my religion, another screwball.

They unfortunately have all the power and will for as long as the American people keep the Boooshies and their ilk in office. This may last or it may pass.
It is not for us to know the time or the place. This too may pass or it may not.

We more normal and more balanced people are in the clutches of these screwballs. Should we escape We must resolve to never let these crazies/ extremists ever get into this much power again. The onliest method we have at our disposal is the vote. If worst comes to worst we can take matters into our own hands and revolt, and in a variety of ways.

Were I to live that long I would support revolt, I won't live that long. And for that I am happy to go...

The wretched have turned this world and especially America into a war machine for their own ends. And they dare to call the rest of us the 'culture of death'. And how many times have we heard Bill O'Reilly use that line. That line is repeated as if on cue and is the brainchild of Pope John Paul and Karl Rove. Talk about brothers under the skin, those two are joined at the brain.

As a Catholic I never thought I would be saying things such as this. But the Catholic religion has quite clearly gone over to the dark side, it long ago joined the most evil of politicians, namely Hitler and the Nazis and their Fascist brethren. All of whom are alive and well and thriving in the Republican party.

The spirit of Catholicism, if it ever existed, is dead and buried under the mantle of the papacy and the College of Cardinals. If the true spirit exists it is with people such as myself and other Catholics who abhor what right wing Catholicism has become. We are the spirit of Catholicism or what is left of it, something along those lines as I'm not quite sure how to express what I feel. The true spirit of Catholicism exists within us.

The institutional of Catholicism rests with the Pope and his minions and they are legion. We of the true spirit of Catholicism are but a small number and possess no power, neither political nor monetary, at all; and that is the way it should be. If we have any power it is only in our words and our intentions to always seek to do the right thing. We are the true conservatives, we move slowly and very carefully and always pay attention to the thoughts and feelings of others.

We consider it a hallmark of decent/ proper behavior that we seek to hurt no one and only to add and enhance the family of man. We respect all members of the family of man, including lesbians and gays and Jews and Moslems and other Christians and others who are atheists and agnostics because we truly believe in the idea that we are all children of GOD. And that includes women, all women, even those who choose abortion. We do not condone abortion. I personally regard abortion as a womans right to choose and do not seek to strip women of that most personal of choices, the choice of how their bodies are used belongs only to them and God and no one else. I am only the judge of how my body is to be used and can judge no other person, man or woman. I choose that my body not be used in principle or in name to kill or harm others in any way. I am personally saddened by abortion becase I have never met a baby that I didn't feel some love for and a sense of loss for those who are stopped from becoming members of the family of man. I admit to not knowing much about abortion but then no man really can know that which only a women carrying a child knows about her individual child.

We leave it up to God to do the judging, we know that we are not up to that task and that only God is the judge. We abhor the sin of PRIDE and those who take God-like powers and roles unto themselves. It is written that the sin of PRIDE is the worst of all sins. It is the greatest/ worst sin of all and clearly the one to be most guarded against.

It is with stark clarity that Jesus' admonition, ...render unto caesar... and render unto God... now is totally undeniable and understandable. With that statement He warned about the evils of religion. He once again made His position quite clear when he said ...all that you need is within you and all about you. He said this when asked who should we follow. In effect He was saying we can follow what is already within us. It is like saying that we are hard wired to know what to do and we do not need to follow any religion or false prophet in order to know what to do to attain The Kingdom of Heaven.

IOW, our best instincts will tell us what to do to attain His Fathers Kingdom. Of course all organized religions are terrified of that simple yet totally profound statement. That statement exactly matches up with the concept that each of us is a child of God and made in His image and likeness(referring to our souls, not our bodies). It also matches up with the concept that we all have inalienable human rights, and that includes all of us even including every athiest and agnostic, every man and every woman, including gays and lesbians.

It also matches up with the idea/concept that we all have Free Will and the right to choose and the responsibility to choose. IOW, we, each of us are obligated to choose. It is our God given OBLIGATION to choose and for our choices we will be judged accordingly. And further more we will be judged by the only one who has the right to judge, God. We will NOT, NOT, NOT be judged by man made religions. NO power or authority has ever been given to any manmade religions to judge anyone. And all of those man made religions that judge are guilty of blasphemy, heresy and the sin of PRIDE. And that includes the Pope. He is no more scred than any other religious leader who place themselves abovethe rules of God and the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

If one chooses of ones own free will to follow a man made religion one incurs the obligation to dtermine whether that man made religion has become heretical or blasphemous or Prideful or even to just to vainglorious. Sholud these conditions occur it is incumbent upon the followers of that religion to take appropriate action. That is one of the beauties of the various Protestant religions. They take it upon themselves to monitor their religious leaders and then to act approriately to curb any ecxcesses, including Prideful or even just simple vaingloroius behaviors. That is true except for the mega religions/ mega churches.

It seems to me that the little congregations come the closest to observing the will of God and the teachings of Jesus. The mega churches are and have become an abomination of excesses and powers and riches. Jesus never accrued any wealth or power unto himself. The mega churches are and act in the ways that are the exact opposite to the ways of Jesus.

All the thousand of years of man made religious machinnation is just that MAN made.

A poster to this site said that man made religions follow Paul and not Jesus. So far I can't corrobate that idea, but will continue to check it out.

For me I'll follow the liberal Jewish guy who lived some two thousand years ago and follow his teachings as He spoke clearly of peace and love. The hate coming from right wing religious groups, including the Catholic Church, my church, will no guide me as to how to live my life.

I will accept responsibility for how I have chosen to exercise my Free Will and live my life. I just don't know any other way. I will leave the Pope and his brethren George W. Bush of the Bush crime family to perpetrate their evils upon the world and I do not in any way support anything they do. As far as I am concerned they are doers of evil. As far as I am concerned they are all going to rot in hell.

Religion ceases to be religion when it sells it self to and for politic and political power. I do not care one whit what the Pope CLAIMS the Blessed Virgin Mary said. My guess is that the source of the message was sent to test the Popes beliefs in the one true Jesus Christ. And the Popes, all of them, since 1917 have failed totally and miserbly. They just don't believe in the one true Jesus.

The Popes) agenda of death for some people is the true measure of what the Pope(s) believe. I will follow the one true Jesus, no false prophets of doom and gloom and death for some people would be acceptable to that Jesus, in so far as I know that Jesus.

If Armageddon is coming, if the end times are coming it is of no wonder given what the right wing religions of the USA have become and given themselves over to. The religions of George Bush and the Entire Republican Party is/are the religions of death. They will bring the end times unto the entire world or at least the USA part of the world.

At least one religion has chosen to divroce itself from the evils of the Bush empire; that is the Methodist Church. All I can say is may God please bless the Methodist Church. It is the one shining beacon that has chosen to observe the words of the ture Jesus, not the George Bush who has claimed to be jesus(small j) when Jesus said to render unto caesar... and render unto God...

All religions must follow that admonition or it seems to me they will doom themselves and all their followers.

The Pope has chosen to do otherwise, to maintain his alignment with the Bushies and the Repub Party. This alignment occurred under the papacy of John Paul II and the Church has put him on the fast track for sainthood,. What a slap in the face to all the real and true saints throughout the ages.

Their all

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