Sunday, December 16, 2007


The Big Transfer... least that is what I call it. I am going to transfer an item/note from Notepad2 into this blog post. So here goes.MY Blogs and Posts

Dear All,

I am spending so much time posting on Alternet,, HuffPo, Mojo and some other sites that I usually neglect my blog. I just don't have the energy to create the same thing or nearly the same thing twice. So in order to get my oh so fine words, I'm joking I am much more humble than to believe that, into my blog I am trying to learn to use Notepad2, a tool that I have just acquirded, a feebie becuase i can't afford anything else, and am triying to use it. So here goes nothing. I hope I can make this tool work, as i really don't know what I am doing. Now I am going to try to transfer this little item to my blog. Here goes...

WOW, it worked, all it took was to use COPY and then PASTE. I wonder why I didn't learn to use these tools about ten years ago. And especially given the fact that i have been on the internet since the late 80's. I guess as smart as I think I am just maybe I am not so smart, as i think i am. Not so smart at all. I neede a good dose of humility and a coming down to earth. Now if George Bush and the Pope and the Catholic fundies and the evangelical fundies would also learn some humility the world would be a much better and safer place to live. But I do not see any humility on the horizon for the aforementioned.

Amazing things, these computers. Now I'll try to type in to Notepad2 a much bigger document, one that is going to be posted to Alternet and to this blog. Good luck to me. This may take awhile.

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