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N-W-O, New World Order

Dear All.

You may have had the expeience, I just had it again, where you go to sleep and it seems that your brain reshuffles some of it's facts and comes up with a new interpretation; so you end up with a new pov(point of view) or a new insight. The NWO concept was reshuffled in my mind and out came some new insights.

To whit: their are or seem to be three NWO groups. and they seem to break down as follows. First of all we must recognize some basic facts about these three groups and that is SECRECY. All three groups operate under the veil of secrecy, they work very hard to avoid the scrutiny of the world, specifically the people of the world. The outcome of these three groups is that theyare about the task of selling the people of the world into a kind of slavery. A kind of slavery means that the peoples of the world have no choice in the matter, no voice in the matter and will thus be dragged into the resultant, the NWO, not of their own free will. This means that the people of the world will in effect be stripped of their own God given Free Will.

The three groups are forming three NWOs. They are the NWO of the Catholic Church, the NWO of the Bilderberger Group(members include Bill Clinton, Peter Jennings(now deceased) and ex-Sen. Bill Bradley among others. The Straussian neocons form the third NWO model.

So we have: the Catholic Church NWO, the Bilderberger NWO and the Straussian Neocon NWO. So far I find myself loathing all three groups. I can find within me no sense or even shred of kinship with any of these three groups. I regard all three as forming their own agenda for their own benefit and all operating against the family of man.

As for me personally, I support none of these groups. I belong to the family of man, the one created by God that follows the laws of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ and which is imbued with the Holy Spirit of Peace, the Dove of Peace.

When things seem so complicated that I struggle to find the proper path to take I always fall back to the basics. They are the Laws of God, the ten commandments as given to Moses by God. The teachings of Jesus Christ in so far as the bible reveals them and the Dead Sea Scrolls have further revealed them, including the writings of St. Thomas which include the actual words spoken by Jesus. These include the words that Jesus said when question by the apostles,
most especially the words "all that you need is within you and about you". Maybe I'm overly sentimental but every time I write or speak those words I am moved to tears and almost choke over the lump in my throat. My spirit is always shaken to the core at the simple power of those words, which are simple, powerful, profound and compelling and inescapable, all at the same time.

The words that Jesus said, as recorded by Thomas are totally clear and make all the sense in the world as to which is the true path. With those words all the clap-trappings, the clutter and detritus of man made religions fall away as scales from my eyes and simple truths become totally clear. The concepts of the Soul, and Free Will, and the right to choose, and personal responsibility all fall into place in a very powerful and compelling way.That is my humble outlook and POV. Each person has to find his own way and that is called Free Will. That is something that each of us has, given to us by our Creator and totally enobling every one of us. Wow the true magisterium is the magisterium
of the one true God. No religion on this earth can lay claim to that magisterium, the ultimate magisterium and the magisterium of the ULTIMATE, the God whose is the true Father to us all.

Man made religion always falls short because it is the religion of itself and it's own institutionalism. Man made religions fall short because they are man made and full of complex and ever increasingly complex conjugations and permutations as they go about creating ever more complexities while always avoiding the simple truths. When religious scholars sit around their entire lives creating ever more complexities and nuances something is terribly wrong with them. The simple truths are right in frnt of us and always stare us in the face,and yet we /they so often/always look for the complex to explain and understand everything. God would never have created such a complex system of rules and machinations such that only religious scholars can understand/comprehend and therefore seemingly have to teach to the people. God would make his truths self evident, and for all of His children to see and understand. Of course the complex nuanced insinuations of the religious literati satisfies their egos'.

When I mix the ten commandments, the teachings of Jesus, the words of Thomas and the teachings embodied in the Sermon on the Mount I seem to have all that I need to make appropriate decisions and all that I need to tease apart the thorniest and confusing problems into understandings as to which way to go and how to decide exactly what is right. These concepts/truths place me in communion with the family of man and the Creator, and that is all that I need to see my way to a clarity of mind and action. The aforementioned NWO groups are nothing more than man made artifacts, and possessing no real significance in the greater scheme that God has created.

The Catholic NWO serves the institutional Catholic Church.

The Bilderberger NWO stems from the Dutch and British colonial empires and serves their idea of how the world of diminishing resources, oil/ gas/ energy/ nuclear energy/ and other mineral resources and food resources and water resources ought to be doled out by the wealthy, which is/ are those who claim ownership of those resources.

The Straussian Neocon NWO is they who form the cognoscenti NWO and who are all wrapped up in their own world domination. It is important to nt that their are two elements to this group of believers, namely the Jewish neocons(Leo Strauss, the Kristols, Krauthammer, Podhoretz, Feith, Pipes, Libby etc; and the Gentile neocons like the userous Bush Family, Jeb Bush who is very possibly the most dangerous of all of that corrupt family, the Cheney family, Lynn Cheney being the most dangerous and defective with the dickster coming in a close second, and all the other corrupt money grubbers such as the American oil companies and other soulless transnational corporations like Faux Noise and Rupert Murdoch and Halliburton and so many others, all of whom are included in this category.

The Jewish neocons can be easily understood as arising from the various pogroms against the Jews over the centuries. These are the pogroms perpetrated by the Catholic Church over the last 2000 yrs as they have regarded the entire Jewish diaspora as being Christ killers and acting upon that belief system to the great detriment of Jewish people everywhere. The Catholic Church has for 2000 yrs vilified the Jews for the killing of Jesus which was done at the behest of a very small number of Jews, most likely numbering in the tens or at most a hundred plus or minus. So it is easy to see that the Jewish neocons are fighting for their life/lives and protecting themselves after what has been done to them.

The Catholic NWOs are the do-ers of so much evil, especially against the Jews and against all women except for the first approx. one hundred years, when women had equal status to that of men. The Catholic Church has inveighed against women in such a nefarious and corrupt way and for so long that it is almost blind to what it continues to do; despite the hollow words of Pope John Paul II in his miserly, meager and stingy apologies to women and Jews. The Popes, both present and immediately prior, speak in empty words as they have done nothing to change their evil ways. They seem to think apologies are enough and nothing further need be done to make restitution for the ongoing damage to the worldwide Jewish psyche and to the worldwide female psyche.

The Catholic Church via it's alignment with Hitler and the Nazis put forth a direct attack against the allied powers, including America and Russia, andof course against the Jews. The Catholic Church has another attack going against America and Russia, as both countries are at the top of the Popes hitlist. It's army is the Army and military might of the Republican Party and the Bush family. The Church is winning, as our constitution has been badly shredded and America is now a very divided and deeply fragmented country. The Church gives votes, Catholic votes, and the Republican Party gives political power to the Church. Scalia revealed the intentions of the Catholic Church when he called for and advocatd the END of THE RULE of LAW and the END of DEMOCRACY in America. That speech was given in May, 2000. Nothing could be clearer as that speech was in revealing the true intentions of the Catholic Church.

Even if the Dems take the presidency in the elections of 2008 I can see no reason to believe that they can reverse the foul evil deeds done by the Catholic Church via it's alignment with the Republican Party. The Church has strayed VERY FAR from the PATH that Jesus set down for us to follow. The Catholic Church did it's best to destroy America and Russia during WWII and it failed. So once again it does the same thing via it's alignment with the Bush family and the totally greedy Republican Party but this time it is enjoying immense success. It has already turned it's sights on Russia and it is only a matter of time. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but I live in fear that I am correct. I have never been so fearful of the Catholic Church as I am now. I live in daily fear of what will come next. Itis just amazing that one man, the Pope, and one organization, the Catholic Church has that much power. It has the power to condemn all or any one of us to death and the will to use that power on every one it can.

That, my friends, is "The Culture of Death".

I remain, as alway, convinced of the fact that there is no room in this world for any kind of fundamentalism, be it religious fundamentalism, economic/financial fundamentalism or military fundamentalism. All fundies are dangerous be they Catholic fundies, Evangelical fundies or Islamic fundies. They are all equally anathema to human life.

God put us on this earth and it is up to all us and each of us to find peace and love toward all. That is our responsibility. No more Holocausts, not ever again, no matter who are the perpetrators and no matter how benign they may seem. If one death results from their agenda they are wrong and heretical and blasphemous and guilty of the sin of PRIDE. The Catholic Fundies, the Evangelical fundies and the Islamic fundies are all equally wrong, it's just as simple as that.

Sorry for the lack of editing.

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