Saturday, November 24, 2007


Book of Questions, Questions and more Questions

Dear All,

I have so many questions. Questions, Questions and more questions. I have so many questions that they could fill a book. So I guess it would be okay to call it My Book of Questions. Or maybe A Book of Questions. I have far more questions than I have answers, understandings or conclusions.

I wonder how is it that killing for oil profits and war profits is seemingly okay for the right wingers even though the commandment says Thou Shalt Not Kill. But if your a Republican looking for profits and political power such killing is okay? And if you are a member of the religious right wing(ers) it is perfectly okay for you to belong to that political party of killers for profits. In their world profits seem to trump the Laws of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

My take on the situation is that killing is forbidden by God, and that there is absolutely no justification for killing of any kind. And when a group of people gather themselves into a monolithic group and go about the business of killing of others via their group warfare upon the welfare of others, shall we call them victims/innocents and to do it because they have oil their can be no justification for their "Culture of Death" for oil and war profits.

So in reality they break two laws of God, Thou Shalt Not Kill and Thou Shalt Not Steal. These groups are the Republican Party and the Catholic Church(Catholic fundamentalists) and the evangelical fundamentalists. Though they try to hide their agenda behind the artificial argument of Pro-life and family values it is still killing for profits.

Where Jesus here today and walking the planet He would forbid their death for profits agenda. He would forbid their wars and demand diplomacy. I seem to think Jesus would say diplomacy for peace is okay while war for peace is forbidden. He would wave his hand and stop the right wingers wars for oil profits.

Saddam is not killing for oil control, he is dead. They are killing for oil control. So shouldn't they be dead as well.

Some of the threads that run through my mind are the ones that circle around the Blessed Virgin Mary and her statements to the three children at Fatima. If I understand theologians correctly the blessed Virgin spoke about the death of a Pope, the high level scandals within the Catholic Church and some threat coming out of Russia. But Russia provides much of Europe with their natural gas for heating homes and buildings and so why would Russia want to threaten this huge source of income from gas sales. So in the event of a NWO does the Church expect to rule Europe and threaten Russia.

Another thought is that Christ was hung on the Cross and blacks in the south were hung from the lynching trees. Coin from Union Theological Seminary posits this idea. Will Christ's next coming be as a black man. And do all those innocents who die in the Republican Party oil wars die to pay for our sins, just as Christ died to pay for our sins.

Questions - Questions - Questions

Many Questions and very few answers; but then it is not for us to know the time or the place... Except for George Bush and his Dispensationalist/ Armageddonist friends.

Bush and all of his cronies in the corporate world and the neocon world and the right wing religious world are all killers.

Thou shalt not kill...but they kill. Thou shalt not steal...and they steal. Thou shalt not lie...but they lie and lie and lie. And yet they either do not see or they see and just go ahead and do their foul evil deeds anyway.

Ever since WWII and the founding of the CIA the USA government has been commiting atrocities and killing people all over the world. the first such event might have been Eisenhowers use of the CIA to overthrow the democratically elected and apparently very popular leader of Iran Dr. Mohammed Mossadeq/ Mossadegh/Mossaddegh. This was done at the behest of the British government and the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company known today as British Petroleum aka BP. The Iranian people have never gotten over that atrocity. Wikipedia spells it all out.

Speaking of Wikipedia, the right wingers just hate Wikipedia because it quickly and easily shows all the world what they have done and prefer to keep hidden. The right wingers complain that Wikipedia can be easily manipulated to say anything. That was once and to a certain extent true. But when a program was written to show who was doing the foul evil deeds of manipulating Wikipedai it was discovered that ALL of the manipulations and illegal entries put into Wiki was done by, yup you guessed it, right wingers. Other than the right wing foul evil deeds a study of Wikipedia revealed that it was as accurate as the highly respected and world renowned Encyclopedia Britannica.

I have noticed two manipulations of Wikipedia. Dick Morris' site was altered to show that he was a consultant to the Calderon people, when initially it showed no such thing. I learned that Dick Morris had done his Republican Party foul evil deeds from a report on Democracy Now. org who reported this situation which was discovered by Greg whats-his-name, a BBC stringer/ reporter, who was the one who brought this situation to the publics attention in the first place. Calderon stole the election from Mr. Manuel Lopez-Obrador via help from Dick Morris who used the exact same tactics that the Republican Party's Karl Rove used to corrupt our US elections and put Gorge Bush in office. They used smear and scare/fear mongering tactics to put dubya into office. The same tactics were employed to put Calderon into office and the impoverished Mexican people continue to suffer at the hands of the wealthy in Mexico and the wealthy/corporate interests in America. And what further amazes me is that the Pope is a part of the Republican Party machine. Right wing fundamentalist Catholics in America provide cover for the foul evil machinations of the Republican Party.

It continuously amazes me that the Pope (s)of the Catholic Church, my church, would even allow themselves to be a part of this Republican Party cabal of horrors, but the Popes do. I sent an email to Pope John Paul II asking him to stop involving himself in American politics. Six weeks later he made a public statement denying any such involvement. But we all know he was lying because just four months earlier he had threatened to excommunicate Sen. Kerry if he won the 2004 presidential election. Needless to say Kerry folded under the pressure and just gave up easily.

No religion/ religious leader should ever step into the slime of American politics but the present Pope and the previous Pope have done just that. As the fortunes and corruptions of the Republican Party go so too will go the Catholic Church. What a shame, but then Jesus warned against such doings and the Popes know it.

Oh Yes, speaking of the BBC, Pat Robertson just hates the BBC and for the same reasons the right wingers hate Wikipedia. Both organizations report the truth. Right wingers want to carry out their foul evil deeds under the guise of national security and other strategems of secrecy. They cringe from the light of day.

Absolute power corrupt absolutely and the Republicans are perfect examples. Money is the rot of all evil, and the Republicans are proof of that.

All I hear from right wingers is anger and hate which they constantly spew out onto the American scene. It's not far below the surface on EWTN, the Catholic cable channel. This has been going on since Pope John Paul II put Reagan into the WH. It has gotten very loud and very strong since then and has become full blown under the current administration.

The Catholic Church aligned itself with Hitler and the Nazi Party which tried to end democracy. Now the Church is aligned with Bush and the Republican Party and they are once again trying to put an end to democracy. Scalia, a staunch Catholic and Republican has called for and advocated the end of the rule of law and the end of democracy in America. What could be clearer than that.

Time will reveal all.

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