Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Secret Rendition, Bush's America and the Truth About Pro-Death/Pro-Life

Dear All,

It seems that 60 countries signed on to an agreement/treaty that they will not disappear people. But the USA was not one of them, Bush wouldn't allow it. Of course he would not allow it because America is the country most guilty of these disappearances of human beings. America should have been among the first to sign such a treaty. But since Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft, Yoo and Gonzales are the very ones at the center of those who are doing the secret disappearances Bush refused.

America has descended into hell, now it is official once again. Bush admitted he was doing these secret disappearances last fall aand this is another proof of that fact. America and it's current gov't have become a corrupt country. Secret disappearances and deadly torture.

America has become a dictator country because secret disappearances of human beings is exactly what dictators do and have always done. America is now in a group of nations/people like the Nazis, Russia and China. And aren't we just proud of that. NOT, totally ashamed is the truth of the matter.

Some other European also did not sign on to the treaty because they are participating with Bush in the secret rendition policy. This includes Italy where the Vatican is located.

Thanks Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI for what you have done to America. You are corrupted and you have helped the Republican Party drag America down to your level, down to hell.

So much for the Catholic religion and it's leaders. So much for Bishop Richard G. Lennon of the Cleveland Diocese, just another willing participant in this abomination between the catholic church and the Bush Rethug government of thugs and bullies. Denial of human rights is something the Popes can add to their list of sins. It is now totally understandable how the Catholic Church and Popes Pius XI and XII could support Hitler and the Nazi Party. Satan has come home to roost in the decay of the Catholic Church.

Religious agression in America has reached an all time high from the Catholic Church and the rest of the Pro-Lifers who now confirm themselves as nothing but Pro-Death of human rights and human beings. The so called Pro-Life movement is up to it's nose in Pro-Slime as it represents the dregs of America. You so called Pro-Lifers in your support of George W. Bush and the Republican Party reveal yourselves to be what you truly are minions of the evil one.

I now have to believe that St. Malachy's Prophecy of Popes which predicts the end of the papacy must be near at hand.

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