Monday, February 05, 2007


R U Selling Your Childrens Future?

Dear All,

Bush and the repubs want to privatize everything that the Federal government now does. Thay are starting with Social Security and Medicare, as we have seen, and they will not let go of their agenda until they accomplishit. So I ask, you do you really want Halliburton, Bechtel, Parsons, the Carlyle Group and all the other repub for profit egregiously self serving corporations to control your Social Security or your Medicare. The answer is quite obvious.

The reason they put forth for doing this privatization is that business can do it more efficiently and therefore do it cheaper. But is that really true. No, it is not, as we all have seen the huge debacle in Iraq caused by these private contractors, who answer to no one as they are not under congressional control. Bush will spend America broke and thus force us into using even more private contractors.

Even our military is being outsourced. Bush, Cheney and the repubs are dedicated to only one thing Big Business because that is the source of their money which is what gives them the political power they are desparate for. They are getting away with it because most americans are apathetic and do not pay attention to politics. That, my friends is the very reason why every voter must declare themselves 'Independant', as I did. No political partry should ever take your vote for granted by assuming that because you register for one party or the other that they are guaranteed your vote. The repubs are and have been doing that because they know they can depend on the Catholic and white southern Baptist vote, no matter what they do. These two religions have been corrupted by their own blind desires for political power which they beloeve they will get from the rethug party.

I rant and rail against the republican party because they are the worst of the worst. But, and here is the big BUT, there is not a huge difference between politicians of either party because they all depend on MONEY from the private sector which now especially under the republican party controls our America. The Oil Industry writes our oil/energy laws and policy, while Big Pharma writes our Medicare Part D laws and policy. They own us , plain and simple; and the cure for this is equally plain and simple but neither party, especially not the repubs who benefit the most, has the will or the courage to change this system. If it is to be changed 'we the people' will have to do it, and if we wait to long we will soon become so powerless that we will not be able to make the necessary changes.

Also two religions own us, the Catholic Church, my church and the white southern confederate states Baptists. Both of these religions have sold themselves and their principles to the REPUBLICAN PARTY. I explain all of this in many previous posts, so read them for more detailed explanations. These religions have sold their principles and their religion for political power. They are no longer religions at all, now they are nothing more than political organizations masquerading as religions. No religion should ever support any political party, it should only stand up for certain select issues. But since Pope John Paul II became pope he changed all of that, he gave America to Ronald Reagan, then Bush41 and now for the last six years he gave us Bush43 with all the death and corruption 43 has caused.

And I am stunned that Pope John Paul II is being fast tracked by the Vatican/Pope Benedict XVI to be named a saint of the Catholic Church. It is almost unbelievable and yet at the same time reveals clearly where the mindset of the Vatican is at. The Pope who politicised the Catholic Church should just slip quietly in obscurity not be up for sainthood. The Catholic Church under Popes Pius XI and XII endorsed and supported Hitler and the Nazi Party, could there be anyone who would ever consider that either of these two popes should be considered for sainthood. Just consider the enormous amount of damage and destruction both these popes were not only party to, but were directly responsible for.

And the present and previous popes are equally guilty for selling Catholicism to the republican party. Just consider the huge amount of support Pope Benedict XVI gave to the Repub party when he spoke so disrespectfully about the Islamic religion. Common, ordinary, everday manners dictate respect for the religion of every other human being on this planet. But it seems that the pope has no such ordinary respect for other human beings or their religion's.

I have been reading "The Daily Muslim Wisdom", from beliefnet for the past almost six years and have found it to be a beautiful religion which is so similar to Catholicism that I was startled and amazed that anyone let alone the pope od the catholic church would say anything against it. And I am still stunned and amazed, Islam is a beautiful religion and has much to teah all of us about how to live and be better people and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and the laws of God. Islam is an Abrahamaic religion, as are Judaism and Catholicism and Protestantism.

I have a strong sense that these events will bring about the demise or borderline demise of America and the Catholic Church, whereby both of these entities will be nearly crippled and either die or function at totally corrupt or borderline corrupt levels.

Both the Catholic and white southern Baptist religions are being USED by the repub party, and I believe they know it and have given themselves over to being USED for some promise of political power to change America into their own image and likeness, into a country they want us to become, namely, "A Totalitarian Republican Theocracy", to quote my self.

What these religions may not realize is that they are being promised these things just for the votes they can and will deliver to the republican party, which is by far the more corrupt of the two political parties in America because the repubs are dedicated to nothing more than corporate profits, world power and maintaining their own lifestyle and their own political power, first, last, and foremost.

It is easy to see that Bush, Cheney and the repubs lie constantly, and they are lying to those religions. It will one day become quite clear to most americans who are willing to pay attention that when the repubs are faced with a choice between doing what is right and what is profitable they will always choose whatever is profitable. However by then it just may be to late for 'we the people' to correct the problem, just as we are right now to late to correct the debacle in Iraq.

The next debacle of repub-Bush-Cheney aggression, though masked as their efforts to protect Israel but really are nothing more than using military aggression againsat other Middle East countries for their oil. One would think the aforementioned religions and the good people of Israel would be able to see thru this facade of obfuscation, this fog of repub politics. And I believe the Israeli people may have seen thru it as they have made clear demands that they want a fair and lasting peace in the ME. But unfortunately, their gov't listens to them as much as the Bush rethug gov't listens to 'we the people' of America which is to say, not at all.

The MSM covers for and helps create the 'Fog of Politics' so that unless one digs below the surface the 'Fog' obscures almost everything that the american people need to kn0ow to make rational decisions when they enter the voting booth. And of course corrupt comapnies like Diebold and ES&S along with HAVA are taking away our votes because they cause voting corruption.

As much as I liked Justice Bryer and O'Connor, who now admit the hate they are getting is coming from the religious right(Catholics and white southern Baptist FUNDIES) they are too late in revealing this. I lost almost all respect for the SCOTUS when Reagan was prez. and now under Bush I have absolutely no respect left for the Catholic Republican SCOTUS. Most Catholics do what the pope wants them to do. Which is exactly what Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and Aliuto will do on the big issues. Unless the last two Dems on the SCOTUS can hang on for another two years and assuming America does not end up with another Repub prez a Dem prez can put some far less biased people on the SCOTUS. If that does not happen then the SCOTUS will become, not almost useless as it is now, but it will become totally useless. I have no mercy for the SCOTUS as they have proven to be totally rethuglikkkan and all rethugs are dedicated to themselves and their wealth above all else, no mattere the cost in lives or treasure.

I wrote an email to our local catholic bishop in December, 2005 or January, 2006 asking him to please request that the pope stop forcing his agenda on America because it/he was dividing, polarizing, fracturing and quite possibly destroying America by forming american politics and policy, both foreign and domestic. About a month later the pope issued a letter denying what I said. So either the pope is unaware of what he is doing or just outright lying, and I think he is fully aware of what he is doing. So it is safe to say that the Pope is a Republican even though he is not a citizen of the use and as such he is quite obviously still controlling american politics and policy, both foreign and domestic.

Since the pope is absolutely certain he KNOWS THE MIND OF GOD(which, of course he does not as only God knows his mind) and is acting upon that mindset the pope has proven himself to be committing the sin of PRIDE. The cure or anitdote for the sin of PRIDE is the virtue of HUMILITY and the pope has shown none of this elst he would never have spoken so disrespectfully of the Islamic religion. In addition that mindset, shared by the white southern Baptists, is sacrilege, heresy and blasphemy. So the pope has joined the republicans and gone over to the 'darkside' and taken the catholic church with him.

As I have said before I can see that St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes could happen. He prophecied that the papacy would end, either under Pope Benedict XVI or under the next pope. Any religion or any pope that sells himself and his religion for political power seems to be doomed or at the very least quite irrelevant and corrupt.

Given that the aforementioned continue on their chosen path anyone who adheres to their mindset is truly selling their childrens future.

I see very little hope for the future of America and no hope for peace in the ME. The only possibility is that hopefully someday the american people, we the ordinary, everyday, average little people engage in a citizens civil revolution and take back our gov't. At that time we must expel divisive forces in America like the two religions and the unlimited power of the corporatocracy and that of the wealthy.

Finally, radical evangelical FUNDAMENTALISM, whether it be Catholic, Protestant or Islamic is bad for people. The concept that Islamic Fundamentalism is bad while the other two are good is totally WRONG. All three are anathema to God and His laws.

It is said that satan will make sweet promises to entice people to follow him and Bush, Cheney and the Rethugs have done exactly that. They promise security, prosperity and religion but those are promises they cannot keep or guarantee in any way. Only God can make promises like that, and He has not. He gave us all Free Will, so that we may choose...

And if that does not work let us take to the streets and take back our country from the wealthy and the corporatocracy, because this war is entirely about them and nothing else.

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