Thursday, February 01, 2007


Molly Ivins, died January 31, 2007

America has lost one it's greatest, my hero Molly Ivins who died of breast cancer yesterday, Wednesday, January 31, 2007 at the age of only 62.. She was one of my greatest heros in this time of America's greatest need for her. No one can replace her or step into her shoes. She was incomparable and indomitable. She was without a doubt a journalist's journalist.

Never has America had a more valorous and courageous citizen and a hero in the truest and deepest sense of the word. As I sit here with tears dripping down my face my sense of loss and grief are profound. Never in my life have I felt this intense amount of grief and loss. I knew her only through her writings but my sense of loss is painful, physically painful.

Molly Ivins was an inspiration of enormous proportion. Molly was only 62 and had so much more to give. She should have and deserved to live for another thirty years at least. And We, I, America needed her for decades more. She is , and in my mind will always be irreplaceable. There is no one on this planet I admire more, she was among the few at the top of my very short list of the most admirable Americans.

America has lost both a daughter and a mother. Without a doubt Molly Ivins was one of God's finest children on this planet. We in America are deeply in her debt.

Thank God for the life and times of Molly Ivins. I will mourn her for a very long time and mourn no one to a greater extent than Molly Ivins.

America has lost a daughter and citizen of incalculable greatness. She is among the greatest of our heroes.

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