Saturday, February 03, 2007


Enlightenment, Pecuniary Motives or Preparing The Base

Dear All,

Gov. Rick Perry, another of so many corrupt republican Texass politicians(Cornyn, Barton and DeLay either became enlightened or... what exactly. Perry just issued an exectuve order that girls in the ages of 12-19 get the new Gardasil vaccine from Merck, I think thats what it's called. This vaccinates young girls from getting the cancer causing Human Papilloma Virus. Which is a good thing, another step forward in medical science and sure to make the lives of women safer from those kinds of cancer while at the same time making a lot of money for Merck the manufacturer of the drug and which has had a very dismal year having it's profits down by 58%. A classic win-win situation. But...

As usual the radical religious right wing absolutist, evangelical FUNDAMENTALISTS are angry. They are always angry about something when they don't get their way and are not able to force, aka evangelize the rest of us, which means they are not able to force their beliefs upon everyone else, such as their beliefs that Gay people are and will be damned and doomed, women seeking abortion and Muslims are damned and doomed by themselves and God. Of course they know this with 100% certanity because they and only they KNOW THE MIND OF GOD.

These white southern baptists and their staunch allies the catholics THINK THEY KNOW THE MIND OF GOD and will strip everyone else of their rights due to that belief which is sacrilege, heresy, blasphemy and the cardinal sin of PRIDE. "And the worst of these is PRIDE..."

As a result of their direct line with God, through George Bush no doubt as he claims to be Jesus Christ and chosen by God. These christo-fascists do not want this drug to be marketed for anyone because it will make young girls engage in sexual activity. If they want to preach that in their own churchs and follow those beliefs that is fine with me and at the same time keep their beliefs to themselves and let other parents make their own best decisions for their daughters.

The premise underlying their belief is specious at least and totally wrong at worst. Personally I think they are all crazy. If I ahd a daughter I would want her medically protected as much as possible.

These are the same people who don't believe in Global Warming because Jesus Christ Bush their savior, to whom they pray in their Jesus Camps has declared, repeatedly that their is no such thing as Global Warming because his advisor, the novelist says so. Also Bush's cronies in the oil business and in the Bush Family oil business say their is no such thing as Global Warming and we are not destroying the planet by using their oil products. It is these very same people along with Pope John Paul II who put Reagan in office and he then abolished all of Pres. Carters energy conservation laws and initiatives. That Pope and the current Pope must have a lot of money invested in the oil companies, could that be part of this rotten situation which is destroying the world today. Or do the Popes and the catholic church have a lot of money invested in Merck or a Merck competitor.

Which brings me to my next point and suspicion of Gov. Perry's motives. Has he decided to ignore the radical religious right wing that continues to endorse and support the rethuglikkkan party and make a law which commands the use of this drug not because Perry, one of the 'end timers' and 'dark siders' but because Mr. Perry is beholden(bought and owned) to one of his and the rethug party's main benefactors and sources of almost unlimited money, namely, the Big Pharma Cos.

Have you a 'dark side' repub as nearly all rethugs are suddenly and mysteriously become enlightened, as least on this one issue, or have you given up your publicly stated religious agenda which you want to force on everyone else because you got a call from the drug company Merck and sold yourself to that other devil that you and all rethugs dance with and who owns your soul.

Which is it Rick.

And finally whatever you do Rick please stay out of the Whitehouse alng with your friend Jeb Bush of the Bush Family and their house of corrupt politics because America, the Middle East and the world cannot survive much more of you, the Pope, Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson. We know you are driven by Big Religion, Big Business and Big Neocons. Why don't you all move to Paraguay along with the Bush Family and live with your friends the catholics, catholic nazis and take all the repugs and catholic repugs with you. There are lots of WWII nazis still in that part of the world who will join you in torturing others just as your friend George Bush is doing here in what was once our America but is now his America.

You all belong together.

The rest of us need to get on with the business of correcting the damage you and your religious friends have done and it will take us probably twenty years or more, and more if you count in the catholic SCOTUS that the POTUS has brought down upon us.

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