Friday, March 31, 2006


Bits and Pieces

The pope asked that the life of the muslim man who turned christian be spared and that was a good thing. Now I would like to see the pope ask that the lives of all the innocent muslims in Iraq be spared from Bush's war and hate mongering machine. In fact every one who claims to be a minister should be protesting Bush's hate and fear mongering. In fact all christians should be standing up to fear, hate and war mongering. The Bush/Cheney/Rove/Rumsfeld/Rice war machine must be brought under control. The hate that comes from people like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and so many others including those of the Catholic religion, my religion, is beyond belief.

I used to watch EWTN, the Catholic cable channel, but recently I came across four programs that contained hate messages which made me ill such that I rarely watch it now. Hate mongering is totally wrong and should have NO place on any religious channel. Also I seem to be noticing an ever increasing number of political messages on EWTN so from now on I will limit my viewing to the occassional movie they carry. There is just too much hate . . . I am sick of it. Where have the concepts of christian charity, humility and love for all God's children gone. I just don't hate muslims, middle east peoples, gays or women seeking abortions.

I don't even hate Bush, in fact I see him as a sad case. He is the product of a wealthy upbringing, of cool, aloof and distant parents who could not put any human warmth into his character. A life of privilege and many years of alcoholism have given him a distorted and ungrounded view of life and the world. His sociopathic nature and shallow character cause him to have a coldness about him that left him vulnerable. Laura came along and began moving him in the right direction and when he discovered religion it filled the void in him. But he is unable to modulate or moderate religion with the realities of life in an imperfect world. George developed a messianic complex so he has come to feel that he has been chosen, knows the mind of God and believes he is on God's mission. He lacks humility and charity.

Unfortunately, he is the president and in that position of uncontrolled power he knows no bounds and his thinking is supported by Rove, Cheney, the radical religious right fundamentalists and the greed of the Republican Party's desire for power. Once Bush is out of office he should just go back to Texas and live a quiet life. If he wants to change, he would do well to listen to people like Laura, Pres. Jimmy Carter, Jim Wallis, David Gergen They could help George to get into living a life of service to everyday, ordinary people which will ground him in reality and he may then learn humility and charity.

So I pray for him and I pray that congress (largely a bunch of wayward out of touch politicians with their own very low popularity rating) will someday stand up for America and get the executive branch under control. Congress may even have to get the Supreme Court under control but it's to soon to know whether or not Alito, Roberts, Scalia and Thomas will reach 'critical mass' and explode with fundamentalist and constructionist rulings which are out of touch with the American people.

Regarding Immigration---

Congress should break this immense problem down into two components. The first piece of legislation should result in the building of a wall. Bush has buried the American people in fear with his never ending fear mongering causing Americans to fear for their security want much more security. The first thing is that congress should work on a bill that would construct a wall 50ft. high and 50ft deep, with observation towers and all the needed electronics. That will immediately cause a lessening of americans fears so that adequate amounts of time can then be taken for the second piece of legisllation which should be to deal with the 12 million illegals already here. There should be adequate amounts of time given to lengthy discussion and deliberation in congress and among the legal American people about the twelve million illegal immigrants that are already in America and future incoming illegals. Congress and the legal Americans should not rush to any hasty conclusions and write legislation that may be as ineffective as the previous immigration legislation has been.

Some points to consider are that illegal immigrants are just that, illegal and have committed a crime no matter what their motivations are/were. America has every right to secure it's borders. Vincente Fox has made the problem worse by encouraging mexicans to break our laws and there is no justification for that. The Catholic Church, my church, has also made the whole problem worse by encouraging it's clergy and members to disobey American laws.

The problem is Mexico's and what are they going to do about it besides just foisting it on America. Bush and the Catholic Church should be putting immense amounts of pressure on the Mexican government to solve the problems in Mexico that lead to and result in illegal immigration. This pressure should include the threat of constant American government press releases embarrassing the Mexican government and it's support/protection of the wealthy in suppressing it's poor citizens and restricting them from a decent living wage so that they may support their families and have hope for their future. Mexico's government, police, army and it's wealthy citizens are corrupt and care not for their own citizens.

The corruption (exploitation of illegals) in American business along with our government's negligence/complicity have caused this problem to get grossly (if there is such a word) out of control. Illegal immigrants as immigrants have no rights in America. They do have some limited right to humane treatment while they are here in America but they should not be allowed to remain here in an illegal status nor should they be given carte blanche citizenship as the Bushies, the corps(U.S. corporations) and the McCain-Kennedy bill seek to do.

The children of illegal immigrants should not be considered American citizens just because they are born here and that aspect of the law must be changed. If congress decides to deport all illegal immigrants then their children must be deported as well. Children are considered to be the same ancestry as their mothers in western nations. For example if an illegal male immigrant has a child with an American woman the child should be regarded as American and if a legal American male has a child with an illegal female that child must remain with the mother if she is deported.

Legal American families and legal American citizens must be taken care first by the American people and the American government before any social, welfare or employment services are given to illegal immigrants. I am thinking of the poor and starving in America be they inner city black or white, applachian or poor rural Americans.

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