Saturday, January 14, 2006


Pause for Thought,Fear Mongering, and a very slight amount of tongue in cheek!!!

Hello All,

Some reminders before I begin:

I am a Conservative, Independant, Swing Voter, Humanist and a Catholic.
I am not a Republican, Democrat or Religious Fundamentalist Catholic.

Republicanism is NOT synonymous with conservatism.

Glossary of Terms: "Totalitarian Republican Theocracy", "Near-lies", "Master-liar", "Propaganda Minister Rove", Fuhrers and Nazis.

Explanations, Definitions, Examples:

"Totalitarian Republican Theocracy", is my own term coined by me to describe the US federal government since the first election of George W. Bush which was done with the collusion of the US Supreme Court with it's Religious Fundamentalist Catholics, I am ashamed to say.

"Near-lies", is my own term coined by me which refers to spin that is so close to a lie that the average, ordinary, everyday person cannot tell, discern or perceive the difference. This can be equated with false advertising and PR. Examples would include Bush's comments about WMD, comments by dubya and others about his military record, comments by dubya and others about Kerry's military record, Condi Rice's briefings to all regarding national security, Condi Rice's comments about most things in her job as Secretary of State especially including Bush's ( not America's) torture policies and all Karen Hughes's comments about everything.

"Master-Liar", also "master-liar" also 'master-liar' is my own term coined by me to describe The President of The United States, George W. Bush, aka The Master Liar of The United States.

I wish the aforementioned terms would become part of the popular lexicon, like 'axis of evil' because they posses the qualities of succinctness, clarity, appropriateness, face validity, instant recognition and instant understanding.

Fuhrers and Nazis, there is a line of them extending from Hitler to Nixon to G.W. Bush.

Propaganda Minister Rove, is a term coined by me and is self explanatory. There is a line of Propaganda Ministers extending from Joseph Goebbels to Newt Gingrich to Karl Rove.

I paraphrase Winston Churchill, "Never have so many been lied too, by so few".

Recently the Comptroller of the United States aka the Comptroller of the United States of Bush began using FEAR to sell what dubya couldn't push onto the American people in his efforts to begin the privitization of The Social Security System. Mr. Walker claims America is in dire financial condition. If the US is in dire financial condition this would most certainly be due to the endless and reckless spending by Bush and the Republican Party. This refers to their spending of our tax dollars which far surpasses even Lyndon Johnson's 'great society' spending which was done for good, noble and altruistic reasons. Being a true conservative I feel that Bush, his cronies and the Republican Party are really squandering our tax dollars. This has tremendously increased the debt load that our citizens and corporations must carry.

Bush and his lock step Republicans divert money from Levees, Mine Safety, Education, and support for people and families to waste it on matters such as questionable wars with questionable outcomes, tax cuts (which are really welfare and subsidies) for the rich and super rich, farm subsidies that do not benefit the average and small farmers only huge agribusinesses, monstrous pork barrel projects from a Republican dominated congress, trading/selling military weapons to India to get them to stop manufacturing prescription drugs, which they do and very inexpensivly, in order to protect American prescription drug company monoplies. This is a travesty of biblical proportions, also see comments from 'Doctors Without Borders' for more details.

Should anyone believe Comptroller Walker? Why would anyone believe this man who works for George Bush? dubya himself lies about almost everything including WMD, Saddam's intentions, his own military record, Kerry's military record etc. etc. etc. The things Bush does not lie about he spins beyond belief into 'near-lies'. An aside; I coined the term 'near-lies' but I didn't coin 'truthiness'. I would like to see 'near-lies' become part of the popular lexicon because it describes the Bush Rove spin phenomenon that is so close to a lie and which is intentionally and powerfully misleading. Well back to my main point, which is that I don't believe Comptroller Walker's assertions because I don't believe any of Bush's assertions, who is his boss and the 'master-liar' (I coined that).

This message from Comptroller Walker sounds remarkably like the 'bill of goods' that GW tried to sell/force upon the American people last spring as he tried to begin the privatization of our Social Security system. This is the same thing all over again, using fear to threaten the American people so we will succumb and surrender to Bush's wants and the wants of the Republican Party.

I learned Linguistics, Sociology Psychology, Philosophy and Economics as an undergrad. nearly forty years ago and in grad. school I learned even more Psychology. I learned, in these courses, things such as the effects of linguistcs on group dynamics. From Hyakawa, Chomsky it is easy to understand how fear can be used to manipulate human behavior. Fear is used to cloud our thinking. Fear for ones economic security and fear for ones physical security can be used to get us to do many things and do them even before really thinking about what we are doing and why we are doing the things that we do. Fear for our physical security can be used to get people to deny and/or ignore Intelligence items from multiple sources that says there are no WMD. Fear for our economic security can be used to cause people to change our system of retirement security to one which is even less secure, namely that of placing our future economic security in the hands of at best, self serving corporations and at worst, potentially corrupt corporations. All of this can be done just by language containing threats and statements of doom which evoke fear.

The strategy of fear did not work for the President of the United States George Bush who is supposed to look out for our welfare above all else. So what is George W. doing now? He is using another potent tactic, that of planting the seeds of fear, via another source 'seemingly' not himself. And what else is George W. doing? He is employing another tactic via this 'other' source namely, that of using language which contains the concept of immediacy, which is to suggest that this event which is about to befall us is imminent. It's going to happen and very soon. There are some other tactics that George might use on the American people to get his way, but I will not mention them now because I don't want to give him and his minions any more ideas than they already have.

What does dubya really want? One must remember that Bush and his Republicans are really fearful, frightened and scared people. Their greatest fear is that they won't get exactly what they want, which is even more of what they already have so much of. There is no bravery among these people, nor is there any patriotism. The bravest people in America are and always have been the average, ordinary, everyday American citizen who rarely gets what he/she wants and has to live with little or no security in his/her life every single day of their time on this earth and specifically in this country. Further, these are the true patriots because they/we go about our daily lives with so little security of any kind and we even go out to fight for our country. Do Bush or Cheney fight for their country, not even a little bit. They have so much, they want more and they give so little. Chickenhawk Cheney avoided military service five times. dubya's military service is obscured, hidden and buried in 'smoke and mirrors'.

David Brooks, a writer employed by The New York Times, is a right wing Republican by his own admission and he is open and honest about his beliefs. Sometimes I even agree with him, and I always like him as a person. He recently commented on 'The Charlie Rose Show' something to the affect that lately he has been wondering about the ordinary people that live in Ohio and Michigan. Well, David here we all are, talk to us and at the same time realize that your friends at the very top of the Bush administration are not like we Ohioans. We, who live our daily lives with almost no security at all are far braver and far more important than Bush and the Republicans who are selling out America every single day in every thing that they do. And David, they do this in a completely and totally calculated way, with full knowledge of what they are doing. I like you David and feel that you are a good person but I really question your values, and more importantly, I wonder if you ever question your own beliefs and values.

Bush/Republicans/Religious Fundamentalists WANT to turn many/most of the functions of our federal government over to private corporations. There are a variety of reasons for them to push this course of action onto the American people. I won't go into those reasons at this time for the sake of brevity. However, suffice it to say that undergirding this variety of reasons are the two simple and yet powerful foundation stones of GREED and POWER. Actually the keystone which supports and holds up the entire structure of Bush/Republican 'WANTS' is GREED FOR MONEY. Money gives them power which in turn allows the Bush/Republican/Religious Fundamentalists to push their single minded agenda onto all American citizens.

Corporations have the freedom to do whatever they want any time they want and to do these things without control of congress and therefore outside of the control of 'we the people' which we have by our use of the ballot box and our vote. That is why so many corporations are so directly involved in the Iraq war. Where do these corporations get their money from now, they get it from our federal government, the Bush government. But they have to do something for this money, they have to earn it. They want a lot of money without having to answer to the American taxpayer, via congress, and the way to get it is to have our tax dollars turned directly over to them by having corporations take over the tasks that we now pay our federal government to do.

Bush and the corporations say they will do these tasks more efficiently and therefore for less cost than government. Has Halliburton with it's no bid contracts done things more efficiently in Iraq, clearly the answer is NO. There are, in fact, many things that they have not done at all. Ask the same questions about Halliburton and Hurricane Katerina. Ask these same questions about Bechtel or any of the dozens/hundreds of other companies involved in Iraq and Katrina.

Do we really want companies such as Halliburton, Bechtel,Enron, Worldcom, Diebold(electronic voting machines) the Texas oil companies, giant agribusinesses, the prescription drug industry and News Corp.(Fox News and Bill O'Reilly) to have unfettered and unlimited control over tasks that our federal government does. So you ask what tasks would Religious fundamentalists and Rupert Murdoch (News Corp, Fox, O'Reilly etc.) take over from the federal government? They would take over the functions of the FCC. That would give them control over all the media in America, including but not limited to, news, entertainment and ALL information. Gone are the single most powerful tools the average, ordinary, everyday American uses to learn and gain access to information and this includes the internet. INFORMATION IS POWER. EDUCATION IS KNOWLEDGE and KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

Control of all information would have allowed President Nixon (a Republican) to get away with 'Watergate and all his other 'Dirty Deeds' without public or congressional knowledge. As it turned out Nixon got away with his 'Dirty Deeds' anyway thanks to none other than President Gerald Ford (another Republican). If President Reagan(another Republican) had control of all information he and Ollie North would have gotten away with the Iran-Contra Scandal (Reagan armed Iran in order to get money from them to topple a foreign government (without congressional knowledge) which would never have come to public or congressional attention. As it turned out Reagan got away with Iran-Contra anyway do to the efforts of none other than President George H. W. Bush(another Republican).

Control of all information would have allowed Clinton(Dem.) to get away with the sex scandals in his private life as it would not have come to the attention of the people or congress. Although in reality the sex scandals in Clinton's private life were really not the business of the people or the congress. Clinton's scandals were really between him, the women involved, his family and God. In Clinton's case the nation would have been better off not knowing about it and it probably should never have been so intensively investigated in the public eye as we would all have been better off not knowing about it in such lurid detail.

Control of all information would have allowed President George W. Bush(another Republican) from getting away with all his many lies and copius scandals without public or congressional knowledge. However, in Bush's case he probably will get away with all his, Cheney's, Bolton's, Rice's, Powell's, Rumsfeld's, Ashcroft's, Gonzale's, Supreme Court's(election scandal) 'Dirty Deeds' (all Republicans) due to a Republican congress. dubya's 'Dirty Deeds' seem to be the worst of all and yet because ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS, ABSOLUTELY he and Cheney will not be impeached or put in jail because he and the Republican Party are so corrupted by their almost complete control and power over all three branches of government.

I can't begin to imagine what will happen to America and the world if another Republican gets elected president, or congress gets another Republican in office. It is already too late for any checks and balances to exist in the Supreme Court which now is dominated by Republicans and Religious Fundamentalists (Catholics). Our current government system of no checks and no balances means there is no Democracy in America. If Jeb Bush, another Republican and Religious Fundamentalist gets into any federal office, much less the presidency or vice presidency, the American Democracy is doomed. Another disastrous scenario would be Jeb Bush as president and Condi Rice as vice president or vice versa. What would happen to our democracy if Pat Robertson got elected president and Jerry Falwell got elected vice president or vice versa. Newt Gingrich, Dennis Hastert, Lindsay Graham, Lynn Cheney, Laura Bush, Condi Rice or Richard Pombo getting elected would result in a disaster for the citizens of America and the world. Also the damage done to the eco-system of planet earth would be even more cataclysmic than already exists.

I quote myself, "Republicanism is not synonymous with conservatism".

Bob, Cleve, Oh.

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