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Inconsistencies and Incongruencies, done in the Name of God and Religion

Hello to All,

Re: Some inconsistencies and incongruencies in life---

Since you may remember or not, I will reiterate: I am a conservative and an independant swing voter, a humanist and a Catholic. I am not a Republican nor a Democrat. I believe that we humans are all God's children and as such we must strive to learn the true meaning of love, and then we must love one another.

Fundamentalist religions all over the world and their fundamentalist followers really do give me pause for concern and strike great fear in me. Their zealotry is about to consume us in the fires of . . . Fundamentalist religions have embodied in them many things, but some aspects strike me as being of overriding importance and danger.

1. Fundamentalist religions seem to be male dominated, and to control and suppress women.

2. They resist, suppress, twist, distort, ignore or attack any beliefs that are different.

3. They are very inconsistent in their beliefs.

Although I personally am uncomfortable with the idea of abortion I also realize that as a male I have no right to tell women they must not learn about abortion and must not seek an abortion. It seems to me that throughout the entire history of the human race men have forced women into a second class status in life. In fact women are relegated to second class status in almost every aspect of life. This is the same for women all over the world.

As I have gotten older I have through much study, by reading at least four hours a day for the last eight years, learned much about the wonderfulness of women which is embodied in their very nature and essence. For the aforementioned reasons I firmly believe that their is a great imbalance in the world and in America. Women should make up half of the Supreme Court, half of Congress, we need a woman president(Not Condi Rice or Laura Bush,both fundamentalists) we need more TV programming such as "Commander in Chief", we need more women in corporate leadership and ownership. Probably our soonest hope for a woman president would be Hillary Clinton. I know and agree that she has said some dumb things recently.

Women and children are at a higher level of humanity than we males, because they give and seek love. Love is at the core of their essence and nature, more so than it is for us males. I know the survival of the human race made it necessary for males to be dominant and exert there testosterone driven behavior in the past. But many things have changed in the last forty years. While religion especially fundamentalist religions, such as my religion, Catholicism, seem to want to maintain control and domination over women. That fact strikes me as one of the many incongruencies and inconsistencies about fundamentalist religions.

Another inconsistency is the passionate concern fundamentalist religions have for the unborn fetus while at the same time being largely unconcerned for children once they are born. In other words, why are these religions almost not at all concerned about the huge number of children living in poverty in the USA. Why are these religions so very concerned about the fetus but almost completely unconcerned about the prenatal and postnatal health of mother and child. Why are these religions so willing to support spending billions upon billions of dollars for war and nothing for the care and safety of women and children. Why are these religions so willing to spend billions for the promotion and safety of democracy in other parts of the world while restricting and reducing Democracy and safety in America. Why do these religions support those in government who take millions of dollars away from promoting the safety of miners and the building/maintenance of levees in America. I could go on with this line of reasoning for hours but I need to make my point about of the aforementioned.

As a result of these inconsistencies and incongruencies within fundamentalist religions I have become very concerned about the lives and welfare of all women and children. The lives and safety of women and children are completely intertwined. This is, as God made it. There are reasons The Creator made it this way and most males especially in fundamentalist religions do not even come close to understanding or respecting the most basic aspects of this situation. Why are these fundamentalist males, who control our government, gutting laws related to the safety of women and children. Why are these religious fundamentalists so passionately concerned for the life of the unborn fetus yet care very little for the life, well being and safety of our elderly.

Why do these fundamentalists, who claim to be religious, so passionatley vilify gays(also children of God) women seeking abortions, abortionists and others in the world who strongly resent having their land taken over and occupied just as we would equally strongly resent such affairs occurring in our country.

War is nothing more than a failure of diplomacy and yet fundamentalists in religion and government are willing to spend billions and billions of dollars for war when it has been said that by spending only ten billion dollars a year America could provide food, clothing, medical care and basic education for most or all of the poverty stricken children of the world. This would leave untold and almost countless billions of dollars available for the poor in our own country. Let's not forget the poor in America.

These billions of dollars could be used to reduce/eliminate the debt load(taxes) on all Americans and American corporations. Another huge debt load is that created by our foreign policy. How many hundreds of billions of dollars would be saved by stopping the Iraq war and by reducing foreign policy related spending by 70%. A major portion of foreign policy spending is to support countries our government likes and another major portion is spent to threaten, coerce and undermine foreign governments that our government does not like. So the debt burden we Americans carry is crushing us. Those are the very reasons I am a conservative, a fiscal conservative. To qoute myself "Conservatism is not synonymous with Republicanism". Republicans are radicals not conservatives.

The Bush government forced India into an agreement to stop making medications so inexpensively, WHY? Do american prescription drug companies need total and complete monopoly over the worldwide prescription drug market as they already have in America which results in millions of our citizens having to go without necessary medications. This monopoly also results in drugs being unavailable for the millions of people dying in Africa. That wonderful organization, Doctors Without Borders has said the direct result of Bush pressuring India to stop making inexpensive drugs has raised the cost of drugs in Africa and greatly reduced their availability and affordability. Charitable organizations now have to pay much more for these medications. Do Bush's friends in the American drug companies have to get richer than they already are. Greed drives every aspect of the Bush government and Bush foreign policy. The Bushies claim they are the true religious in America when in fact they worship the false gods of money and power. Why are fundamentalist religions supporting Bush so fervently.

If American senior citizens realized that surgery in India cost one tenth of what the same surgery costs in America and has the same rate of success while prescription drugs are equally inexpensive there millions of our seniors would move to India. Many thousands of our senior citizens already live in Mexico and Costa Rica because the cost of living is so much lower as is the cost of health care. Our senior citizen's dollars go much, much farther in Mexico, Costa Rica and India than they do in the USA. And in addition, what a wonderfully democratizing influence our seniors would have by their living in other parts of the world. Wars would no longer be needed by the Bushies and the Republicans.

Fundamentalist religions, including Catholicism, have really lost their way. Samuel Alito and the other fundamentalists Catholics on the Supreme Court are on the verge of doing great damage to almost all American citizens. Therein lies the enormous danger in the merging of church and state. The assualt on our American Constitution and our American Democracy is moving into full swing and it is occurring because of fundamentalist religions in America. Truly America will be destroyed from within and very likely by fundamentalists.

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