Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Bush, Republican Spots

Hello All,

dubya showed a different approach during the last four weeks, that of admitting to some errors on his part regarding the Iraq war and some other situations. He further admitted that there are others in America and in the congress who have a different points of view on a variety of issues. Bush even admitted that they were 'allowed' to have their points of view. My first reaction was that he finally is beginning to see the light, my immediate second thought was is this real or more Rovian (Karl) spin to 'soften up' the American people in preparation for the 2006 elections. I said in a 'letter to the editor' that we will know the answer after the 2006 elections at which time Bush will continue his more open attitude or he will revert to his behavior and rhetoric of the last five years.

Well, we do not have to wait until after the 2006 elections to find out if the leopard has changed his spots or not. His latest attack and threats to others, specifically Democrats but including all who dissent, allow us to clearly see that Bush, the leopard, has not changed his spots or his views on anything. He still uses his Karl Rove nazi propaganda tactics to vilify others and reinforce the constant spectre of fear he has created to threaten and mislead the American people. Anyone who does not adhere exactly to the Bush/Cheney/Republican Party line is by (his) definition wrong, unpatriotic, encouraging to the enemy (the insurgents) and demonstrating lack of support for our troops, etc. etc. etc. Despite the fact that Bush continues to spew out this Rovian spin rhetoric I would say that 99.9% of Americans worry about our courageous troops.

I have an aside to interject at this point. I hope that the Iraqis realize that the great majority of the American people do not want to be in Iraq. Iraqis' do not want us to be in there country or on their land and we do not want to be there. However, we are stuck there at this time because of the "Totalitarian Republican Theocracy" that controls and dominates America and it's politics. The Iraqi insurgents must realize that the sooner they lessen their activities the sooner the Bushies will pull our troops out of their country. Americans would not want Iraqis' occupying our country or on our land and Iraqis must understand that we realize this fact.

I hope the Iraqis' realize that America, at this time, has a government that is driven largely by the biblical evils of greed and power. The average, everyday, ordinary Americans are not driven by an agenda of greed for money and hunger for power. Americans are really a people who believe in the philosophy of 'live and let live'. It's just that at this time America is caught in the throes of our own religious fundamentalists views. Iraqis' must realize that just as they have radical right wing religious fundamentalists in their country we in America also have radical right wing religious fundamentalists. The only difference is that we Americans have for a long time, since the end of WWII, lost sight of the virtue of humility and as a result have become so arrogant that we cannot see that our religious fundamentalists are really not much different from Iraqi religious fundamentalists.

Beginning in the 1950's the Europeans have exclaimed repeatedly that we Americans are arrogant. The phrase 'the ugly American' became popular in that era. Now the more apt phrase is, 'the arrogant American'. We Americans will regain our humility, I just don't know how soon that will occur. We Americans must re-dedicate ourselves to the teachings contained in the bible. America is currently dominated by Bush who has publicly proclaimed that he has been "chosen by God" and our American religious fundamentalists have 'chosen' to believe and follow him. Our American religious fundamentalists are blinded by their own arrogance and lack of humility just as all religious fundamentalists are thusly blinded.

My own religion, Catholicism, is a fundamentalist religion and I have only recently realized this fact. I hate to have to admit this but it is true. Religious fundamentalists have some things in common. They dominate and suppress women, they vilify those who do not rigidly adhere to their rigid beliefs, they threaten (Sen. Kerry, abortionists and gays) they are self centered, they are arrogant, elitist and lacking in humility, they are greedy and power hungry, they are narrow minded, they seek to merge religion and politics etc. etc. etc.

America is truly engaged in a mission of re-discovery, just as we should be. When we have gotten far enough along on this journey we will throw off the claims and tyranny of this false 'christ', George Bush, and find the true 'Christ' once again. This American journey must be totally internal and no amount of external force by Iraqi religious fundamentalists can make this happen. In fact pressure or force coming from external religious fundamentalists will only slow and delay our internal struggle to rid ourselves of the greed and power driven religious fundamentalists in our own country. So Iraq, I say, you must get your own house in order and allow we Americans to get our house in order. You Iraqi's must rid yourselves of your religious fundamentalists and we Americans must rid ourselves of our religious fundamentalists.

Wow, that was a long aside, now back to the main point of this blog entry.

Will Bush's anti democratic, anti free speech, anti right to have and express other opinions, anti American Democracy ever cease? I had a small glimmer of hope for a very brief period of time but I should have been more sceptical, now I have been slapped back to reality and once again clearly see dubya for what he truly is, an arrogant, elitist, autocratic despot. Bush is back to his previous tactics, as evidenced in his VFW speech, and he is back in full force. His apparent moment of sanity was just that, only apparent and only lasting a moment. Reality is anathema to Bush and Cheney and the Republican Party that keeps him in office and in control.

How much longer will Americans tolerate and allow this to go on?

In America we still have, to quote myself, a: "Totalitarian Republican Theocracy"

I remain; a conservative, independant, swing voter, humanist and a Catholic

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