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And now for some tongue in cheek humor, concerns, worries and thoughts about America

Dear All,

Reminders: I am a Conservative, especially a Fiscal and Constitutional Conservative, Independant, Swing Voter, Humanist and Catholic.

I am not a Republican, Democrat or Fundamentalist Catholic.

To quote myself, "Republicanism is NOT synonymous with Conservatism". In fact Bush and the Republicans want to change America in very un-conservative and very radical ways. They are RADICALS who use their "Totalitarian Republican Theocracy" form of government to make radical changes in America. They do not use careful conservative thought and strategy to help America and it's citizens, because they have no intentions to help American and American citizens.

It is clear to me that Bush, The Republicans and The Right Wing Religious Fundamentalists want to change America in very radical ways. They keep calling themselves conservatives but they are really not conservative at all. They are only conservative about a very few things, things which serve only their very narrow and specific interests. Example, one analyst put it precisely when he wrote that never has any administration been so involved with a single industry as the Bush administration is with the oil industry. I don't recall his exact statement but that is very close. Among other things, these Bush nazi facists want to force all Americans to believe and behave exactly as they themselves do. They want to take away many of our cherished American freedoms. They want to control our right to free speech or more accurately take it away. The only free speech we will be allowed is that which is in total agreement with exactly what they, the fundamentalist nazi facists think. If it's not, we can't express it. Religious fundamentalism is very corrosive and very dangerous. Merging of church and state is very corrosive and dangerous to both.

These fundamentalist nazi facists want to take away or greatly restrict a woman's right to choose what she may do with her body(which should be between her and God) our rights to protest and dissent, gays right to a fair life in our society and so many other freedoms. If Samuel Alito, after he is installed on the Supreme Court, rules based on the ways he has in the past America is in big trouble. We now have a Supreme Court controlled by Republican Catholic Fundamentalists. I fear for my country and my fellow citizens. The will of a narrow and radical minority is being forced upon all Americans. Again, these people are not conservatives and have not even been close to the concepts of conservatism since Ronald Reagan took office. In fact they have reached levels of extreme radicalism with George Bush. He would be 'checked and balanced' if we had an operational system of 'checks and balances' and a two party political system, but we do not. We really have a "Totalitarian Republican Theocracy". I believe it was I who said that.

George Bush will not be checked and balanced' because we have a Republican controlled congress(both houses) and a Republican/Catholic Fundamentalist Supreme Court. Just as the jihadists are religious fundamentalists so too is the "Totalitarian Republican Theocracy"in America. There is no one to stop George, Dick Cheney or the Republicans. The Democrats have been totally marginalized, having almost no power. Therefore we no longer have a two party system, only a one party system.

The democrats are so confused and bewildered by Rovian political tactics that they are at an almost complete loss as to what they need to do to deal with the Bush, Republican, Religious fundamentalists. What they need to do is more simple than they think but they keep looking for deep, deep, deep strategies. The democrats have forgotten that they are the party of the people. They have forgotten that the one person one vote rule still exists. They have forgotten that the 'have nots' are ninety percent or more of the population in America and that they can have the support of approximately seventy percent of american voters. There will always be that thirty percent of american voters that are knee jerk lock step republicans that will vote only for republican candidates. Once the Democratic Party remembers what are the real issues of concern to the average, everyday, ordinary 'have nots' in America they will begin moving in the proper directions. Since Rove took office as Bush's brain he, Karl Rove, tells the average, everyday, ordinary 'have not' Americans what he wants them to think the 'real issues' are. Rove and Bush are nothing but sociopaths who have no morals and no character.

JIMMY CARTER HAS GREAT MORALS AND CHARACTER and as such he should be the democrats guide as to what they must do. Actually, Pres. Carter should be the guide for the democrats and the republicans but both parties are totally engrossed, involved and committed to being politicians instead of moral patriotic human beings and americans who are responsible to the people of America. The republicans would never accept Mr. Carter as any kind of guide because they are totally and only committed to their agenda of doing only those things that are good for the super rich and the dominant corporations. In fact, The REPUBLICANS HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO ALLEGIANCE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OR AMERICA OR AMERICAN DEMOCRACY. How much plainner can it be? Wake up democrats, wake up America, wake up American voters, wake up average, everyday, ordinary Americans, wake up all you 'HAVE NOTS'. I am a 'have not' and I am awake and vigilant. What has happened to the rest of you? Karl Rove, the nazi, has played a GIANT HOAX on you and you fell for it. Karl the nazi is using simple nzi tactics and those Americans who voted for Bush just can't see it. These americans think Karl has given them power over gays, abortions and terrorists. But just wait until you Bush voters come to understand what he has taken from you.

Now on to the humorous tongue-in-cheek stuff. I have some thoughts about some things that might happen to America based on what I have just written, above. Again, allowing Bush, the Republicans and the Religious Fundamentalists to control and manage our country, occurring since Reagan took office, is not a matter of conservatism it is very much a matter of radicalism. These people are not conservatives they are right wing radicals just as the Republican Party is all right wing radicals. They now control all three branches of government; the Legislative, Executive and Judicial. The right wing radicals have and are making right wing radical changes to our democracy. It became very clear to me when the Supreme Court GAVE the first election to dubya that 'The Court' had become radicalized to right wing thinking. This is a frightening turn of events which began with Ronald Reagan becoming president. I dislike repeating myself but this situation needs to be expressed as often as possible and in as many different ways as possible. The clear light of day (freedom of speech) can illuminate every corner and every aspect of the events that are taking place in America, and which affect all American citizens and in fact many of the citizens of the world. There is absolutely no humor in these events, only tragedy for all human beings.

More humorous and not so humorous stuff---
So, as seems to be the case, Bush wants to privatize many/most functions of our federal government. The beginning of this process is dubya's attempt to privatize the Social Security Administration. The beginning of privatizing the Social Security Admin. is to privatize part of our social security investment accounts, this is being foisted on the American people through the use of the FEAR tactic and the DIVIDE and CONQUER tactic. And they, the Bushies, always use these mislead and misinformation tactics to promote their own secret and private agendas'. Just how far do the Bushies want to carry their idea of privatization of government and government functions and tasks?

Finally some of the humorous and not so humorous stuff---
Do we Americans really want our lives to be dominated by corporations like the texas oil companies, or companies like Enron(a Texas energy company), Worldcom(telecommunications), Diebold(electronic voting machines), giant agribusinesses which seek to dominate our food industry, the prescription drug companies who dominate the drug industry, Rupert Murdoch and News Corp (Bill O'Reilly etc.) a dominant telecommunications and news media company. As Americans must we put our financial security and physical security in the hands of, at best self serving and at worst corrupt and greedy companies. American oil companies have control over Bolivia's oil, gas and water resources is that good for the Bolivian people or the American people, NO, it's only good for the American oil companies.

Would Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay form a corporation that would be given the government tasks done by the Bureau of Indian Affairs; would the US military be taken over by Halliburton which would be run by it's president chickenhawk Cheney and it's vice president chickenhawk Bush so they could wage endless wars of oil dominance all over the world. Would Boeing become the US Air Force, would West Point be closed to be replaced by The Citadel, would we have two american government religions, Baptist Fundalmentism and Catholic Fundamentalism or would they fight amongst each other allowing only one to gain control; would the FCC tasks be assumed by News Corp, Bill O'Reilly, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell; would all the news media become a propaganda outlet for Republicans and Religious Fundamentalists, as PBS is in danger of becoming; would Amy Goodman and The War and Peace Report be forced off the air because she revealed that our dead and maimed troops were being flown in under cover of night and with secrecy as to when the flights arrive and will American citizens become further disconnected from the horrors of war by this tactic. Will Evo Morales( just elected president of Bolivia) be toppled or assassinated by the CIA and Bolivia be controlled or run by Texas oil companies, or would a Texas oil company just spend the 50 million or so dollars and just topple Mr. Morales on their own, without CIA, using mercernaries just as Bush now uses in Iraq.

Would the american national fundamentalist religions have total control over the FCC, and all entertainment, broadcasting, news, information and education? Would our public schools teach creationism and do away with all un-biased science allowing only biased science to be taught in our schools, this occurred in Russia for decades with disastrous results. Would biased science lead to biased doctors and biased pharmacists. Would fundamentalist religions lead to biased fundamentalist doctors and pharmacists, yes and we have that NOW; if fundamentalist religions are taught in our schools which fundamentalist religion would be taught (Catholics would say it must be Catholicism, Baptists would demand that their beliefs must be taught; is any fundamentalist religion being taught in our PUBLIC schools at this very time, YES(in small communities in Texas, Kansas etc.) ? Is this religious fundamentalism generated by Texan religious fundamentalism in cooperation with Kansas religious fundamentalistism, Yes it is.

Oh, dear Texas have you forgotten your democratic roots and history, have Tom DeLay and the Texas oil industry led you that far astray? Dear Texans have you completely lost your spirit of independance and your sense that 'these politicians are not going to tell me how to lead every aspect of my life'. Where is that trace of maverick that seemed at one time to be alive and well in the thinking of every Texan.

Would News Corp. dominate the news industry and all the other news media in America because they support only one point of view(Bush/Republican/Fundamentalist) and suppress all other points of view(as screaming Bill O'Reilly does) as they do NOW and have done since before Texas George became president? Would Republican Bill Frist and the Frist family healthcare business dominate the entire healthcare industry which is already dominated by Republicans and is causing explosively upward spiraling healthcare costs? I know that statement is a bit redundant, but it has more impact. Will the upward spiraling healthcare and prescription drug costs be blamed on the workers of America, YES. Are the workers of America responsible for wanting healthcare benefits, YES, are those workers responsible for the HIGH COSTS of their benefits, NO NO NO. Are American corporations burdened by employee healthcare benefits, YES. Do American corporations do anything about the problem, YES, they blame the employees for the costs of those benefits and use every trick (declare bankruptcy) possible to avoid paying those benefits, YES. Again, are the employees responsible for the COSTS of their benefits, NO NO NO. Do American corporations go to the sources which cause those problems, NO NO NO, it's easier to blame the employees. Do American corporate executives want and have expensive healthcare benefits, YES YES YES. Do Republican corporate executives go after the Republican corporations that benefit and get even more wealthy by increasing health care costs, NO NO NO. Why, because they are all owned by Republicans whose only aim in life is to go after ever more money and make themselves even more wealthy. Does excessive greed seem to be involved somewhere in this circle of events, YES YES YES. Does the bible, the teachings of Jesus Christ, say something about greed, YES YES YES. Do the Republicans claim to be christians, YES YES YES. Do they seem to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, NO NO NO. Do the Religious Right Fundamentalists support only the Republicans, YES YES YES YES and YES. Do the Republicans staunchly support Religious Fundamentalism, YES YES YES and YES. Does George Bush claim to be a 'Born Again Christian', YES YES YES. I know he was born again as a 'bonesman'. Does George claim to be 'CHOSEN' by God, and does he further claim that his Republican Party has been 'CHOSEN' by God, YES YES YES. Do George(the 'Chosen One'), all the other Bushies in America, Republican Congressman, and The Radical Religious Right Wing Fundamentalists control and dominate much of America, American life and American citizens, YES YES YES and YES. Does George's claim as having been 'chosen' seem blasphemous or heretical to anyone? My bible says that God chose 'His only begotten...' and I don't think He chose dubya. If I am recalling correctly, George made somewhat similar claims on two other occasions.

Does this claim to have been 'chosen' give anyone pause for thought when it's the president of the United States saying such things. My Catholic learning via my Italian Catholic parents, and via the Urusline nuns, and via my Catholic high school education, and via my learning in philosophy classes via the teachings of the great Catholic philosopher Jacque Maritain, and my Catholic bible raises great alarm in my mind. Why can the religious fundamentalists not see this?
Are they so blinded by their need for power through their association with George Bush that they cannot see this heresy which is starring them in the face. Are they blinded by the promises of a false christ? Bush's claim scares the hell out of me. With George Bush, America has truly entered a 'dark age'. This American dark age is not just spiritual in nature but includes other forms of 'dark age thinking'. In this seeming 'american dark age' the false god of GREED is rampant. Where is our concern for the poor and homeless in the USA, where is our concern for the elderly and the retired, where is our concern for the worker, where is our concern for fair wages; where is our concern for families, women, children, education(remember, education equals enlightenment which ends dark age thinking), where are the concepts of christian business ethics and standards, where are the concepts of ethical accounting standards; WHERE WHERE WHERE? Greed is truly rampant in American business and among the American wealthy and powerful.

More humor, maybe---
Would private corporations , especially southern and texan corporations dominate every aspect of life in America? Look at Sandia National Labs, Bush has taken it from a California university, which managed it so well, so efficiently and for so long for 8 million dollars per year, and given it to a Texas university and a Republican corporation which gets over 60 million dollars a year and which amount will rapidly escalate. So much for American corporate efficiency . . . Would the US Department of Energy be taken over and run by a Texas oil company, will all Americans be required to own a gas guzzling GM pickup truck with a gun rack in the rear window while wearing a dirty baseball cap that says 'Bush for President' on it, will all federal income taxes be sent directly to the Texas State Treasury at Austin or will the money just be sent to the office of Tom DeLay in Sugar Land, Texas. Will Tom DeLay run the Internal Revenue service? Will the military salute that we all know be changed to that satanic like 'hook em horns' salute that Bush and his fellow Texans love so well. Will Richard Pombo(R. Cal.) and Ted Stevens(R. Ak.) run the US Department of The Interior in coordination with US oil companies and the Mine owners so they can promote further degradation of our lands, ever increasing oil well drilling and complete removal of all mine safety standards so our miners can work under ever worsening mine safety standards.

Will all Americans be required to wear cowboy hats(I love them but look so bad wearing one) will americans be required to drive those old and huge Cadillacs with longhorns attached to the front hood, will each of us have to own at least one pair of cowboy boots, especially when entering the White House or the State of Texas. Now this is the humorous stuff that I promised my readers. Will whatever is left of the federal government be moved from Washington, DC to the Alamo or to Sugar land, Texas. Will the Department of Homeland Security become entirely managed by 'good old boys' and staffed by red-necks and crackers wearing those baseball hats and cowboy hats. Will the national dance of America become the 'texas two step' and the national game become texas 'hold em' poker. I guess thats enough fun for now.

Enough humor---
I know the average, everyday, ordinary American citizen is apathetic and disgusted about what goes on in the halls of government. We citizens must force ourselves to throw off this apathy and educate ourselves as to what is going on in government. I realize that this has become extremely difficult wth the ever so secretive Bush administration that hides everything behind the guise of 'national security'. If we have to throw every Republican and half the Democrats out of congress then the next time we vote that is exactly what we must do. I am equally guilty of being apathetic.

I have, for the last thirty years utilized a different kind of voting strategy. My voting strategy includes being an independant, swing voter; and declaring allegiance to neither political party. Each and every politician must earn my vote. I treat every single issue as a separate issue. In my voting I lean toward voting for women, minorities, people of color, politicians who espouse christian and family values, not those like dubya who CLAIM to adhere to these values. I vote for those politicians who adhere to ALL the values of christianity including those of humility, respect for all people all over the world, who exercise great restraint in many things especially killing, war, conservation of our planet and adherence to many more values. My favorite president is Jimmy Carter who was without a doubt America's most moral president. He and Lyndon Johnson did so many things for the average, everyday, ordinary Americans in voting rights, civil rights etc. etc. etc.

All voters must remember that as long as the one person/one vote rule is still in effect we the people still have a chance to turn our government back to the principles of democracy upon which America was founded and which most Americans still believe in. American citizens may lose their vote under Samuel Alito. I don't think there is any chance of stopping Alito from being appointed to the Supreme Court. If his rulings on the court continue to be the same as they have been in his entire career as a lawyer and a judge we will lose many/most of our rights as citizens of America. I am ashamed to say that Alito is an Italian and a Catholic, and a Republican and an elitist. What has happened to him, what has happened in his life that causes him to think the way he does. Samuel Alito, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and John Roberts are a really dangerous combination on the supreme court. But George could make it even more dangerous to the average, everyday, ordinary American Citizen by appointing the likes of Condi Rice(oil industry) and finally some vicious and extremely radical right wingers such as Ann Coulter, who could poison some other judges so that Lynn Cheney, Janice Rogers Brown and that other woman judge whose name I can't remember.

Amazingly enough, Guido Calabresi, a Yale law professor, seems to be able to see through this situation, maybe; if I am understanding him correctly. What does worry me about Prof. Calabresi is that he says that he is a patriot of America AND Yale. I didn't know an American citizen could claim patriotism toward a university. Maybe he belongs to 'Skull and Bones', which would explain that statement and which means that he has divided loyalties which further means that he is not a patriotic American. Three Bushs' are 'bonesman' which tells me where their allegiances really lay.

I know this seems insensitive but Mrs. Alito will really cry when she sees what her husband does that will result in the loss of democratic rights and freedoms to her children and grandchildren and especially those of the female persuasion. The freedom of reproductive choice is but one issue in the overall situation of women's lives as second class citizens in this world. But possibly due to her upbringing as a catholic woman Mrs. Alito really believes that women are really second to men and that women must be subservient to the male dominant religions fundamentalists like her husband and the Catholic Church hierarchy in Rome.

Throughout human history there have always been evils that go hand in hand with the second class citizenship of women's lives such as the many violence's committed against women and which continue. Look at what the Republicans have done to reverse and gut a bill already in existence which offered additional protections to women and children.

I am absolutely convinced that until the status of women is equal to that of men their safety and the safety of children will always be something less than it should be. Women and children are a minority lacking any real power. Bush, Cheney, Republicans and right wing religious fundamentalists do very little to protect minorities who have little power. Mrs. Alito, women and all average, everyday, ordinary Americans will just have to face that fact. Some day the aforementioned must decide to deal with that fact. The longer we citizens in this country avoid dealing with that fact the more our freedoms and liberties will errode and the more difficult it will be to reverse the damage that is being done to us. Once we lose our right to vote only civil violence will get it back.

Just look at nazis did in Germany. The citizens of Germany could do nothing to stop the nazis once they gained power. It took the great violence and all the deaths in WW II to stop the nazis That very thing is happening in America at this very moment. How long will Mrs. Alito, all women and all Americans wait before putting a stop to the demogogery of George Bush and his minions. Bush, Cheney, the Republican Party and the religious fundamentalists all wish to dominate and control life in America and life in the entire world. Their greed and hunger for power knows no bounds. They will not be satisfied until they control all the oil, gas, water and other natural resources in the world. Then will not be satisfied until they control all the money so that key corporations will control every aspect of life in America. Then only they will decide which Americans will get what health benefits, financial security, physical security, education and access to information. Our society which will no longer be our society but instead it will be their society.

Spying and information gathering on all Americans is just the beginning. Spying on it's citizens is what all totalitarian regimes have done and they are doing it at this very moment. Your husband, Mrs. Alito will help them to continue doing that. So you would be wise to keep your crying towel handy because you will need it in the very near future. Even if you become one of the elite you will have to watch as your husband's rulings on the Supreme Court take away the rights of the rest of us. Also even as one of the arrogant elite you will not be able to protect all of your children and all members of your family.

Bob t, Cleveland, Ohio

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