Monday, November 14, 2005



Dear All:
Thank you dili

ALL the people of the world are children of God. We are ALL made in his image and likeness.
I believe God loves all of us. I believe that the task God has set before us is to love, reason with and get along with ALL the people of our world. I believe that God looks upon those who strive toward this task in their daily lives with much favor. Those who violate this task of love and acceptance toward all of God's children reveal their own personal arrogance to God and man.
I believe that those who do not follow the tasks God has set before us will find much disfavor in the eyes of God and even anger.
Those who do not follow the tasks God has set before us live in all the countries of the world and are to be found among all the religions of the world. Certainly the judgement of God is above all else, but I also believe each of us must face the judgement of all God's children while we are on this earth. For myself, I strive that none among you will find me lacking in the tasks God has set before me.
My daily prayer is to serve God and man.
More later...

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