Sunday, November 13, 2005


Frustrations and difficulties

Dear All:
This blogging stuff is much harder than I thought. I can see errors in my blog after I post it. When I correct these errors through the edit function the corrections do not always occur. Also I can't figure out how to correct my errors before I post. I don't notice other bloggers having these problems. I've got a lot to learn. I think this site needs a tutorial on this site about how to use this site. I didn't think blogging would be easy nor did I think it would be this difficult.
The other problem is finding things to talk about that will be enjoyable or useful to others. I do feel satisfaction in getting my thoughts out there in the blogosphere.
The internet is great, it brings enormous knowledge to 'everyman'. This knowledge gives us more power than we would ever otherwise have, knowledge is power. I hope the Bush/republicans/radical religious right never get so much power that they gain control over the internet the way that the Chinese government has done, and with the help of american corporations. It is easily do-able as evidenced in China.
It is well within the thinking, mentality and character of those now in power that they should do such a thing. I am certain that the inner cabal of Bush & Co. have already given the idea of controlling the internet much thought. I am equally certain that given enough time in power they will do just that, these are corrupt people who think they are the ones who know whats best for America and it's citizens. Remember, absolutely power corrupts absolutely and these people have absolute power over all our lives.
America is no longer a true democracy. We are at best a two party system. With the Republican Party having total control over the legislative and executive branch of government America is now a one party system. A one party system is not a democracy. When Samuel Alito is sworn in on the Supreme Court the republicans will have total control over all three branches of government and nothing will stop them. One the Supreme Court has five Catholic activist judges on it the republican party will have complete control over the United States of America. We will no longer be a government by, for and of the people, instead we will be a government by, for and of the republican party, the radical religious right and some major US corporations.
Only the people will be able to stop them and I have only slim hopes that will happen. Why,
because most Americans choose not to make themselves knowledgeable of all the facts. The Karl Rove machine has honed the art of divide and conquer, and the spinning of lies to a fine art. He must be a distorted person to be so diabolically good at what he does. Rove is a master of the 'dark side'.
Remember you Bushies what happens when you dance with the devil. Unfortunately, you drag all the rest of us on a ride not of our choosing. It seems to me that armageddon is not far off. The forces of evil are among us at this very moment and growing stronger. You Bushies are going to have to answer to God, 'The Creator" of us all. God created the abortionists and gave them free will, God created gays in his own image and likeness and as you vilify them you attempt to vilify God. I don't support abortion and I am not gay but nor do I hate these people. God put all people here in his infinite wisdom and it is my responsibility to accept and try to understand God's infinite wisdom.
Bush has based his presidency on anti-abortionism, anti-gayism, fear toward them, and fear for our country's security. In other words Bush's presidency is beased on anti, anti, fear and fear. Bush's presidency is not based on good positive values rather it is based on the negative values of attacking and negating the value of others. Those values are just sick. America is truly in another dark age.
In the Bush administration and among the Bushies science is being distorted, twisted and ignored. Bush denies global warming is occuring despite the fact that the scientists of the world have absolute hard evidence that it is occuring. How dumb is that. Bush's negation of global warming is very beneficial to the US oil companies. He would further say that our economy runs on oil so there is nothing we can do about the situation.
What about conservation, Pres. Carter was on the correct path in his conservation efforts but Reagan and the Republicans did away with those conservation measures. Bush's idea of conservation is hydrogen fuel cell vehicles which will not be available for another six years. But biomass phev vehicles are available at this very moment with currently available technology and using off-the-shelf components. Biomass vehicles, which can use many fuels, in addition to gasoline are big sellers in Brazil.
Phev vehicles have been built here, in California mostly, which can get up to 150 mpg so why don't we use them? Oil industry profits would go down because America would buy less gasoline and in addition produce far less pollution. Engineers and scientists confirm that we can build cars that would only have to be refueled approximately every 5 months utilizing technology and parts that already exist.
The Federal government should be actively and aggressively putting these technologies into effect. But we cannot depend on the Bush/Republican government to do these things which are morally responsible things to do. Instead they prefer to follow the false idols of avarice and greed. They prefer to despoil this planet with pollution. We humans do not own this planet, it is a gift from God requiring good stewardship. When is the radical religious right ever going to under
stand that concept. Instead, they prefer to persecute gays and abortionists. People are dying all over this planet from hunger, sickness and even pollution yet the radical religious right prefers to persecute.
The radical religious right evangelical fundamentalists are mostly southern whites and especially Texans who still choose the path of discrimination just as they have done in the past. Their discrimination includes gays, abortionists, the poor and any other americans they can gain power over. These people now control oil but one day in the not too distant future they will seek to control our water.
Texas oil companies already have plans to do just that and have already tried. The governors of the Great Lakes States have taken measures which have successfully blocked them, but for how long. In some countries, Bolivia for example, Texas oil companies already control their oil, gas and water. The commandment says "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods" but they must
feel that commandment does not apply to them. So they 'invade' other countries via our federal
government to take what does not belong to them. They use the CIA to destabilize governments that resist them.
More later...

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